Saturday, December 27, 2014

Italian Governors Cuomo (NY) and Christie (NJ) Vow to Protect Corruption and Cronyism at NY-NJ Port Authority

Pro-Corruption I-talian Governors Christie of New Jersey and Andrew Cuomo of New York

The governors of New York and New Jersey, defying the unanimous votes of both their Legislatures, on Saturday rejected a bill aimed at curbing political interference and patronage at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, more than a year after lane closings on the George Washington Bridge set off a scandal that looms over the agency to this day. 

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo of New York, a Democrat, announced the veto of the bill just hours before a midnight deadline and in the face of an almost unheard-of bipartisan support. 

Because the authority is governed by both New York and New Jersey, approval is needed by both legislatures to make changes in its structure and operations, on Saturday night, the anger at the governors’ rejection of the bill was felt on both sides of the Hudson River.

“It’s appalling and disappointing,” said Assemblywoman Valerie Vainieri Huttle, a Democrat of Bergen County, N.J., who sponsored the bill in Trenton. “Today’s actions clearly demonstrate both governors want to continue the same old scandalous problems at the Port Authority.”

Canadian Born out of Wedlock (bastard) of the Year 2014 - Ted Cruz

Which leaves us with the question – Was Ted’s Mom legally married to Rafael Cruz Sr. on December 22, 1970?

How long was Eleanor Darragh Wilson in Canada prior to Ted’s birth?

Was the reason for a quick trip to Calgary the means to get what looks like a legitimate birth certificate.

Anglos and Hispanics have entirely different points of view on legitimacy. Being born out of wedlock is more an English common law term that recognizes DNA connection but probably denies a claim on the father’s estates and titles etc.

That in many Hispanic cultures, if your supposed biological father puts his name on your birth certificate, you have a father (period.).  

GOP Bugger (Bugeye) of the Year 2014 – Mitch McConnell

Hide your Kids, dogs and cats…and turtles too!

McConnell delivered a red meat speech to the conservative activists, pummeling President Obama and Democrats for having done “next to nothing for the little guy,” failing working families, and flaunting the Constitution.

“The president of the United States is treating our Constitution worse than a placemat at Denny’s,” McConnell said.

He ended with a pledge to live up to conservatives’ expectations if he is re-elected to the Senate and the Republicans take control of the chamber.

“If I’m given the opportunity to lead the U.S. Senate next year, I won’t let you down,” McConnell said.

Falling Down Drunk of the Year 2014 – John Boehner (Used Car Salesman)

John Boehner and his tea party cohorts buoyed by the billions of dollars from the Koch brothers and the worst Supreme Court decision in history (or 2nd worst) are on the brink of shutting the great American experiment in self-government down. They no longer have to depend on you for campaign money and we already know that voting machines are very open to hacking. This has been proven over and over. Throw in laws aimed at stopping Democrats from voting and districts so gerrymandered that they almost can’t lose and you have a group that has no reason to do what voters want, because they really barely need them.