Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Why Catholicism Does Not Matter – The Growing Vatican Meltdown

The embarrassing end of Christianity also known as Catholicism is melting down around its potentate idol king in the city of Rome.

The struggle for power in the waning months of Benedict the German’s administration revolves about scurrying around the hallways and ferreting away blackmail documents about the closeted sexuality of a celibate clergy army. Celibate means “not married”.  It does not mean “chaste” and or “honest”.

The attempt by Joe the Pope to rig the next papal election and give it to his official stooge for decades Secretary of State Bertone is in
question.  A moot point?

One recent rumor coming out of damage control central, Cardinal Bertone’s office, is the banning of all mobile cell phones in the Magic Kingdom and their ability to photograph documents and record conversations and sex sessions among the “celibate” clergy of the Vatican.  

Who needs the Swiss Guards to protect dirty little sex trafficking secrets anymore?  Quite impossible anyway in the age of Internet.

Blackmail and promotions among closeted Vatican clergy is in great question in this modern technical age, like at no other time in the history.

Marriage equality however will empty the Catholic Church of it closeted gay clergy in the next decade.  The truth will set you free and Catholic free as well.

That is why Catholicism Does Not Matter. 

It is based on an obsolete labor force much the same as the antebellum South’s economy was based on the obsolete and inefficient labor force of slaves. 

Christianity will evolve back along the path that Jesus envisioned and will no longer stray along any roads falsely leading to Rome.

Time Marches On!


George Henry Story – American Artist – 1835-1922

Young Woman Reading – circa 1880

George Henry Story also painted the Lincoln Portrait presently in the Oval Office, White House, Washington D.C..


Cardinal Dolan – Salad Days in Milwaukee – Paying off Pedophiles

Watch your back!

Fat Timmy Dolan’s Simony-ious rise to power in the American RC hierarchy started in his days of greasing the palms of perverts in Milwaukee and cooking the books to cheat victims of the much loved and tolerated RC clergy practice of pedophilia.

Victim/survivors of childhood sexual violence by clergy of the Milwaukee archdiocese, including leaders of SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests ( will release and discuss newly uncovered minutes from a March 2003 Milwaukee Archdiocese Finance council meeting where former Archbishop Timothy Dolan and Milwaukee auxiliary Bishop Richard Sklba discuss using church funds to:

–pay off known priest pedophiles and child molesters $20,000 each to quietly leave the priesthood,

–set up a “restorative justice” program to prevent victims from receiving compensation for injuries comparable to cases being filed against the archdiocese of Milwaukee in California, and

–move millions of dollars from the archdiocese into a newly invented “trust” to prevent compensating victims, the first of several such “trusts” to be set up before the archdiocese declared bankruptcy in 2011.

Victims will also be emailing a letter Wednesday to current Milwaukee Archbishop Jerome Listecki demanding:

–full financial disclosure of all payouts and “laicization” bonuses to sex offender clerics,

–which charitable funds were used to pay-off clergy sex offenders, and

–the release of the “Dolan Papers”, including all minutes of the monthly Archdiocese Finance Council chaired by Dolan and auxiliary Bishop Richard Sklba.