Saturday, June 16, 2012

Jewish / Jesus View on Abortion vs. Fairytale Catholic Bishops View

Rep. Lisa Brown in the Michigan State House voted against a draconian anti-choice Abortion Bill.  She used a word “Vagina”, forbidden, censored to be used in that legislative body and the cunt Legislature censured her for expressing her first amendment right to freedom of expression.
Below her words and the curious Jewish view of Abortion, a view that a Jew like Jesus might have held considering the interpretation of Jewish Law it is based on. Curiously, it is 180 degrees opposite of what the Fairy-tale Bishops of the RCC church said it should be.
Jesus was no fairy, he was a real man. Real too were his beliefs in humanity and the rights of a mother over the unborn in cases of life crisis, unlike many in so-called shady moral authority in these end days of western civilization.
I'm Jewish. I keep kosher in my home. I have two sets of dishes. One for meat and one for dairy, and another two sets of dishes on top of that for Passover. Judaism believes that therapeutic abortions, namely abortions performed in order to preserve the life of the mother are not only permissable but mandatory. The stage of pregnancy does not matter. Wherever there is a question of the life of the mother or that of the unborn child, Jewish law rules in favor of preserving the life of the mother. The status of the fetus as human life does not equal that of the mother. I have not asked you to adopt and adhere to my religious beliefs. Why are you asking me to adopt yours?
Michigan is now in Catholic Sharia Law territory?

USCCB Atlanta Meeting – Bill Donohue Catholic League Out – Don Draper types In

The Catholic Bishops got together in Atlanta in the American bishops boys club, USCCB, and the alpha bishops talked some of the lesser bishop types into the extreme need of an alpha Doctor Goebbels type spokesperson propaganda guru to get the word out for the ambitious alphas in their election year campaign commitments to the daily GOP talking points list etc. Need to save the whole, LOL, present USCCB set up and function under the ever glorious and wise beyond wise direction of its present elected leader, Cardinal Timmy Dolan of Gotham City. 
Apparently the baseball bat under the bar next to the bath house in the seminary basement approach of Mad Bill Donohue over at the Catholic League is more of an embarrassment to the Catholic Bishops than they care to admit.  While Laughing Timmy the Cow Dolan of New York will always be BFF and a former drinking buddy of Mad Bill, Mad Bill has been talking about retirement in his role as official spokesman for the RCC in the United States lately.  Right Bill? In either case, the well ($) is about to run dry on Bill.  Happy retirement Bill.
Looking for - Somebody young, sexy, male, a Don Draper Mad Men type, in a PR role to further his career and resume. Eye candy for the bishops. (yum, yum) Wink. Nod.
Maybe even a younger nicer female version of a Phyllis Schlafly type to aggressively uphold church standards and the anti-female, anti-gay agenda against the tidal wave of modernernism will do the bishops, the top bishops at lease, give them a little more PR clout in the media in this election year cycle. The Schlafly type will certainly help with the over 50 female crowd who currently bankroll the church from the pews and look the other way when yet another altar boy bites the dust and disappears from view on the Tridentine altar etc.
Local bishops, long comfortable with mimeographed PR hand out statements and ten second sound bite pronouncements on the local TV stations by the local bishop without any questions is like so old hat. The days of ranting Bishop Martino types formerly in Scranton, those days are surely over.  Whatever.
BTW, Captain Smith on the Titanic’s last official act as captain was appointing a new PR spokesperson.  LOL
Resumes to President of the USCCB Tim Dolan, 452 Madison Ave., NYC
Have a nice day.