Friday, April 20, 2018

Santorum Learning Curve of the Pure (not holy) Solid (37%) White American Evangelicals on How to Spec Write TV Comedy

Some right wing righters (writers) are coming up with the Conspiracy Porn theory that the whole Steele Dossier was a contrived trap by Hillary to draw the sanctified married of an ex-hooker FLOTUS to a nazi/kkk pimp born POTUS into intrigue to pull apart that sacred bond with the myth of pee tapes made in Russia, affecting that happy Chrschan marriage.

And every pure (not holy) solid (37%) white A-merican evangelical knows that a marriage is supposed to be a perfect union of a white male, his testosterone fed fantasies, his penis and his female breeding partner. Oh the good old days of breeding humans in the South mostly of enslaved peoples of color.

Somehow now that Alex Jones is being sued for his Conspiracy Porn and defammation of children and parents of the Sandy Hook NRA sanctioned Massacre in a school in New England, other bastards have to step forward and add more shit to the far right GOP conspiracy outhouse against truth and normalcy. 

And somehow with the perfect Ward and June Cleaver - Leave it to Beaver - perfect white suburban family fantasy ( Porn? ) always end up somehow tying body function into the Conspiracy Myth porn as proof of the porn etc. Urine is what the President feared in a private conversation with that career FBI criminal careerist James Comey. So James and Hillary invented the pee tapes now. This is the focus not of treason but body functions, the free use of, scares the shit out of anybody steeped in old time "religion". The Flotus was in fear of her husband acting in coordination of Putin's Super Russian Whores and or Hookers? How can the left challenge the holiness of the right? Of this union blessed in heaven by gawd?

X-Sen. Santorum is afoot on the airwaves lately in dyed hair and cheap eye plastic surgery upholding the myths of perfect purity and absolute perfection of the one true faith and of course the honorary true faith politically in bed tent revival crowd aka white evangelicals. 

Some myths are enforced forever with a mommy and daddy theme are not fighting(?) facade of domestic violence and lies about fidelity and corruption and is the general sense of the new far right Chrschan religion and their conspiracy of might, a fist in wifey's face, that makes their right?