Saturday, April 17, 2010

Criminal Cartels, Goldman Sachs, Drug Lords, Vatican

Having seen firsthand the dark and shady nature of business in both the Mortgage and Brokerage businesses I have to concede that it is a breath of fresh air that accompanies the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) indictment of Goldman Sachs.

Goldman Sachs packaged shit as securities and then sold the “securities” to their best customers and then took out insurance on the shit already planned to fail in the mortgage business. It says a lot about the moral state of the money changers and money lenders in our midst in our day.

Goldman Sachs fraud case stunning in its indictment of Wall Street culture

In an appropriate metaphor to explain the current indictment at Goldman Sachs:
Described another way, Paulson handpicked sick, diseased pigs to be made into sausage, then bet millions that the resulting sausage would make people sick. Goldman, for its part, made the poisoned sausage (and got paid), sold that sausage to its own unwitting customers (and got paid again), and. like Paulson, bet millions that those customers would get sick (and got paid yet again).
It says a lot about how criminal cartels whether they be drug lords in Columbia or Wall Street executives or even bishops of holy mother Church.

The words “criminal cartel” came to mind with the reading of this article below about how a Vatican bureaucrat Cardinal Dario Castrillon Hoyos sent a letter of praise to a French Bishop for his harboring and hiding a priest rapist from the wrath of the public and civil law. Cardinal Hoyos had also orchestrated the return of the Piux X cult last year, tricked another cardinal into signing off on it. You remember Richard Williamson, the rabid anit-Semitic bishop of that cult?

French bishop lauded for shielding priest
The Sept. 8, 2001 letter from Cardinal Dario Castrillon Hoyos, then the head of the Vatican office in charge of priests, praised bishop Pierre Pican for risking prison time to defend the Rev. Rene Bissey.

French Catholic publication Golias published a copy of the letter on March 30. The Vatican has faced accusations of secrecy that allowed priests to rape and molest children unchecked for decades.
Of course after 2001, that bureaucracy no longer had charge of priests and priests issues such as buggery. That the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith (for centuries called the Office of the Inquisition) under Cardinal Ratzinger could and did change the pro-priest, anti-people corporate culture in a snap of his fingers. Yeah right.

It does takes time for large corporations to change a corporate culture. It takes years, perhaps decades, and not mere months to change centuries old secret hidden traditions attached to celibacy and the like. I say hidden in that denial of a problem and its constant cover-up for centuries is an embedded problem when brought to light in a modern age of human rights and enlightenment.

Which bring me to another article that when I read it I was struck by the thought of how the RC corporation was able to shift pedo-priests all over the globe and back again.

AP: Priests accused of abuse shuffled around globe
"The pattern is if a priest gets into trouble and it's close to becoming a scandal or if the law might get involved, they send them to the missions abroad," said Richard Sipe, a former Benedictine monk and critic of what he says is a practice of international transfers of accused and admitted priest child abusers. "Anything to avoid a scandal."

Church officials say that in some cases, the priests themselves moved to another country and the new parish might not have been aware of past allegations. In other cases, church officials said they did not believe the allegations, or that the priest had served his time and reformed.
That with hundreds of priests helped in their escape from civil justice for crimes against children that there must be some central inquiry board within the Vatican to advise where there is a desperate need for priests in the various parishes of the planet. If not that, then there must some paid consultants that for a fee will advise a bishop as to where to apply for the export of troublesome priests out of their diocese.

In any case, the advice recently of the pope for Christians to pray for repentance of their sins in reference to this pedo-scandal of its pedo- priests and pedo-protecting bishops, why do I have to pray for the pope’s and his crony bishops’ many, many, many sins?

Criminal cartels – Goldman Sachs – Columbia drug lords – RC bishops and “celibate” buggering priests – the world is indeed full of evil. Beware!