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Romney’s Heart Aches for the Jobless in Ohio - Karaoke Candidate


Piano Concerto No 2 Opus 102 - Shostakovich

Railway Pose - Philly - 1915

Gay Sex the Cause of the 47% According to 12 Stepper Archbishop Cordileone, SF – Wishing All Gays Away to a Spiritual Auschwitz? – N.G.N.A. Sign


I just read on another blog how two gay friends got a frosty reception in some Catholic houses of “worship” on a trip though Minnesota which used to be a kind liberal place for all humanity.  The church pews were full of Politically Correct RC cookie cutter Bishop’s Republican propaganda on who good catholics should vote for.

That and everything but a NGNA (No Gays Need Attend) sign over the front door of these tax free houses of religious “whoreship”.

Go away to some spiritual Limbo? Send them all to a Spiritual Auschwitz dear bishop(s)?

On top of that Archbishop Cordileone trying to sober up and hopefully in a 12 step addict’s recovery plan as he plans to take over the Gayest City in America – San Francisco. Oy Vey!

He gave some rambling interview recently, no doubt being out of focus on de-tox and gave what appears today in the Roman Catholic Church as acceptable PC Hack Theology – the Attention Deficit rambling kind of Theology being pushed as the “New Evangelism” by Numero Uno Chicago  Kick Kiss-Ass theologian Father Robert Barron

. . .in a recent interview at the headquarters of the Oakland diocese, where he has served as bishop for three years, Cordileone was more direct: Gays and lesbians who are in sexual relationships of any kind, he said, should not receive the sacrament of Holy Communion, the central ritual of Catholic life.
“If we misuse the gift of sexuality, we’re going to suffer the consequences,” he said, “and I firmly believe we are suffering the consequences.” (And what is an acceptable definition of Sexuality from a so-called Celibate? .. wink – nod)
Cordileone, who was arrested last month on drunk driving charges, then elaborated, puzzlingly appearing to blame same-sex couples for the problem of absentee fathers in the inner city: (the 47% - ?)

Oakland's Lake Merritt - On a clear day you can see forever and unfortunately the poor too (47%) as well.

The prelate’s light-filled office overlooks Oakland’s Lake Merritt. Just beyond the graceful urban estuary, he said, are “100 blocks of inner-city neighborhoods. Those are fatherless children.” (How charming. The Po’ People spoil his Ivory Tower view of reality?)

German Exchange Student Visa - Point of Entry - Calexico Calif.

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