Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Real Terror of Religion and its Ultimate Victims of Abuse

The Real Terror of Religion and its Ultimate Victims of Abuse

There is a scene on the telly of Muslims in Paris wanting to crowd into the local mosque for comfort and those outside talking to the cameras about “they are not like those who kill (the terrorists) and that Islam is a beautiful religion of peace.”

I dare say most people on the inside of the religion bubble see it as something good and part of the social glue of family and community.

But the truth is that for the three main monotheistic religions of the mean little desert god by various local names, these religions all began in violence under generals Moses, Constantine or Mohammed.

What do you mean Constantine created Christianity? Yes Christ the state sponsored myth and deity of a dying dysfunctional Roman Empire needed one last push of unity that the Emperor/God Constantine needed to stay insanely in power. It has little to do with a person named Jesus who may or may not have existed in historical myth. 

His, the Emperor/God Constantine's giving deeds to basilicas to bishops throughout his empire to collect taxes and recruit soldiers and dispense Sharia Law in those very same structures was the stuff labeled Christ-ianity to carry out his noble cause of gluing the mess of his dying empire back together again one last time. (...all the king's horses and all the king's men could not put ...)

I dare say that secret ceremonies in his special Christian Army units still practiced worship of secret Army deities while the secret ceremonies of the bishops carried on secret ceremonies of debauchery with the rank and file etc.

That Charlemagne killed all his conquered people with death by beheading for not submitting to the Christian faith and its church spies. That Islam was offered all throughout  the Middle East and Asia at the point of a sword at the head of conquering armies.

That Moses took what he wanted in terms of land and slaughtered people in the old fashioned way, the Egyptian way.

That people in times of personal or national crisis turn to the old gods for comfort. Today is no different than back then.

I especially feel sorry for those minorities that are not welcome in the Catholic Christian Sect, intelligent women or gay men and women or the discarded children of clergy rape, of power's pleasure. 

I feel sorry for people waiting around for stale crumbs from the old closeted gay master’s tables. Better a kick in the gut than a pat on the back from that human trash running that particular organization into the ground.

As Auntie Mame says in the movie at least. “Life is a feast and most poor sons of bitches are starving to death.”

Religion is poison. Toxic to the human race. 

Religion is for Terrorists. 

(or losers)