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Matthew Never Threshed Wheat – The Urban Gospels – “Chaff Farmers” – Cookie Cutter RC Bishops

I look at all the Chaff Farmers, American Bishops raised in farmland and the Midwest that now seem to dominate the once great RC dioceses on the East and West Coast of America.  

These Chaff Farmer/Clerics, had very few choices handed to them in their youth, their only meal ticket choice in Fly Over Country and or Nowhere USA was to either stay on the farm or to go to a seminary.
I am reminded by a comment elsewhere about all the really Chaff Farmers (my term) coming out of, or by their association with states like Wisconsin and Missouri.
I am reminded of my belief that the original gospels were probably not written by actual witnesses of the historic man and or myth of Jesus.
I am reminded that Jesus probably preached to the rural poor, to farmers, to itinerate day labor of farms, something I think Jesus did at one time or another.
I am reminded that Chaff is the part of the Wheat that is unwholesome and hard to digest and not being all that nutritious.
While the metaphor in the gospel of Matthew about God and or a Son of Man figure separating the wheat from the chaff, the unwanted part and throwing it and or they into fire is a metaphor that negates the idea that the very poor that Jesus preached to, like they had the luxury of wasting part of a food product in the day to day battle of survival.
Matthew 3:12 His winnowing fork is in his hand, and he will clear his threshing floor, gathering his wheat into the barn and burning up the chaff with unquenchable fire.
Even if the chaff is a byproduct, it can be mixed with other animal feed to sustain those animals. It can be put back into the soil as a form of nutrient. It can also be burned but probably on a cold winter’s night in the corner fire place. It is not wasted. 
All in all, it fits into what I have previously said about the parable of the mustard seed, a product that something the poor of Palestine knew nothing about.  That up until the twentieth century with mechanized farming, modern transportation and marketing did mustard makes its way onto the middle class tables of the west as a cheap condiment.

Indeed, I feel certain that the Jesus-y feel of the mustard seed parable has an overlaying stink of an urban scholar that knows all the aspects of primitive botany from books and also commodity profits of an earthy sounding farm product that Jesus must have had knowledge of, but probably did not.

In fact, in one of the synoptic passages, the mustard seed parable is preceded by a parable of weeds among wheat. While an urban dweller who wrote this mustard seed parable might stick his nose up at weeds, many weeds are indeed edible and the poor, the starving unentitled poor, Jesus’ poor, would have gathered up many of those weeds separated eventually from the wheat and ate them. Survival makes more sense than urban vested scholarship in the early church’s reconstruction of a holy man who few if any recorded any details about.

Not only eat the weeds, but dry the ones that were not edible and use them as fuel, not burn them up foolishly like waste in an urban middle class garden.

Which puts perhaps puts me at odds with the term Chaff Farmers. But in their case they seem to me of late a waste product interfering in politics and not understanding the delicate nature of the fabric of democracy.  

Indeed, for this modern crop of yokels, wearing thousands of dollars of silk robes they read rules out of a rulebook not unlike a Pennsylvania State Trooper on the Pennsylvania Turnpike but with less enthusiasm than the Trooper.
A cookie cutter class of cleric but one that are uniform in shape of their training and non-outlook in life, in their total lack of heart, since they only serve a kingdom not of this world, which might fool some unless they got to see the real balance sheet of the Vatican Bank.

God is not in a rulebook. Not 613 rules of the Torah or 613 odd pages of catechism. A richly dressed class of hypocritical Pharisees is still just a richly bunch of Pharisees in any time, place or culture.

Chaff yes. To be thrown out into fire? Useful? Hardly.

Moral? (rhetorical question) (more like a punch line) LOL

Have a nice day.


Sunday, September 9, 2012

Memory Gospel Dancers – Southland Tales

Ragtime Philly


Bishop Robert Finn to be Made Cardinal in Chicago (a rumor) – Why Not! – Hates Women – Hates Gays – Hates Kids Too!

Off the record Your Holiness…Yes Holy Father, I am happy to report that the American Courts are just as Corrupt as Ray Burke’s anything done for a bribe Vatican Court. --  Very good, my son. Very good indeed. 

In reaction to the locals in Kansas City Missouri on the Facebook page “Bishop Finn Must Go” and their retarded efforts to remove the pedophile protector and enabler Bishop Robert Finn from office a comment made by “I Sinton” in my recent article posted on that Facebook page:

I’m tired of all this requests for letter writing to the pope, respectful requests for Finn to step down and other rhetoric. The big guys who wear funny hats don’t care about the little people’s ( not leprechauns little people ) opinions. If you want Finn out of office, its simple.
Start a rumor, and all it needs to be is a rumor, that after he made the ‘Boys will be boys’ comment. He paused and said ‘If I could ordain women, I wouldn’t have this problem’. 
My bet is he will be gone by Wednesday.
How long have Catholics played the game ? You know the rules: 
Ordaining women = End of the world,
Children’s physical, emotional, spiritual welfare = who cares?
I’m from Philly. PA. We do things different than youse guys. Did you hear about the trial we had recently ? 


The Pink Palace New York - Ghosts of 452 Madison Avenue - Franny Spellman - Politics of Blackmail

The Pink Palace - 452 Madison Ave - NYC

For years
rumors abounded about Cardinal Spellman being a homosexual. As a result, many
felt–and continue to feel–that Spellman the public moralist may well
have been a contradiction of the man of the flesh. Others within the Church
and outside have steadfastly dismissed such claims. Finally, to make an absolute
statement about Spellman’s sexual activities is to invite an irresolvable
debate and to deflect attention from his words and deeds.

The dutiful
Times then had another former U.S. ambassador to Ireland and friend of
the Church, William V. Shannon, review The American Pope for the Book
. Shannon’s review was scathing, attacking Cooney for even bringing
the subject up at all: “Prurient interest in the sex lives of public figures
serves no useful purpose.”

A Jesuit
priest wrote a letter to the Book Review, published a few weeks later:
“Cardinal Spellman’s sex life does not matter, but [his] homosexuality
does… It matters to thousands of people whose jobs, relationships and whose
very lives are threatened because of their sexuality, all the while being forced
to view and eat the hypocrisy of their church. And it enrages people that church
men and women can retain their jobs, hiding behind their clerical and religious
statutes while their own people suffer persecution, disease and discrimination.”

Sadly, the
Jesuit’s words still ring true today, almost 20 years later. While Spellman
has been long dead, his legacy of hypocrisy lives on: there are closeted homosexuals–often
condemning “sexual immorality” publicly while having gay sex privately–throughout
the uppermost echelons of the church today. The gay movement in the past 15
years has taken on the Hollywood closet and the Washington political closet,
both with dramatic success–and both those institutions have p.r. operations
far more sophisticated than the Vatican’s antiquated machine, which can’t
even seem to get the aging cardinals to attend a press conference. The media
these days also has a much greater appetite for exposing sexual hypocrisy, and
is no longer cowed by the Catholic Church. Going down this treacherous road
of increased gay-bashing and scapegoating, the Vatican perhaps doesn’t
realize what it may be unleashing upon itself. If I were a closeted bishop or
cardinal in America, I would be very afraid.


Additional: Francis Spellman - Patron Saint of Closeted Clergy    

*   *   *

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Street Scenes - Philly - 1940s/50s

Walk home from "El" Train

Approaching "47" Trolley

Roosevelt Boulevard

Street laborer drinks from milk bottle filled with water.


Philadelphia - Market Street Wharf With Ferry Boats "Baltic" And "Artic" Docked At the Pier – circa 1881

…the "America," which was built on the flats then north of Market street, midway between Front street and Delaware avenue, and launched July 11, 1868. The "America" with the "Mechanic" and "West Jersey" constituted the equipment until the advent of the newer and more pretentious boats with which we are now familiar. The "Columbia" was built in 1876, the "Arctic" in 1879, and the "Baltic" in 1881. …

The rate of fare on all the ferry boats between Camden and Philadelphia was on January 1, 1880, reduced to three cents a trip, or nine tickets for twenty five cents. On August 26 1920 the fare was raised to four cents a trip, or eight tickets for thirty cents.

Old Ferries...


Friday, September 7, 2012

Cardinals Dolan - Rigali - Burke Call in Favors to Save Bobby Finn’s Little Pink Ass – Opus Dei (non-media) Event

Cardinals Dolan Rigali Burke Memorial Media Award Goes to…

It is obvious that St.Louis Archdiocese Church Mafia Alumni Cardinals Dolan, Rigali and Burke were on the phones in a constant marathon, telethon recently calling in Missouri favors, reminding pols and judges of the dirty little perverted secrets of the ruling elites as a reminder and a request to cut Bishop Bobby Finn some slack in this Child Abuse Hearing, not a trial, no jury needed to hear the evidence etc. 

God only knows what skeletons are buried or killing fields are hidden in the Archdiocese of Saint Louis Missouri.  But then again Cardinal Dolan is a renowned expert on the Catholic Cemetery Racket thing.

Two years of unsupervised probation for whatever it is that they found him guilty of regarding his friend Father Ratigan and his penchant for taking photos of naked little girls’ private parts.

As for the last minute change and in what I consider one of the most cynical acts of Goebbels style media manipulation I have seen in years, Cardinal Dolan gives a benediction at the Democratic Convention in Charlotte, a backdrop of which, made part of the last minute change of judicial venue in the Bishop Finn of Kansas City case that virtually disappeared from public attention within 24 hours.  

I almost called the same manipulation thing on the Friday afternoon guilty verdict of Monsignor Lynn, a Rigali Protege, that got drowned out in the media storm surrounding a very quick guilty verdict of Jerry Sandusky at Penn State.  A coincidence then?  If I had called it contrived, I would be called paranoid and out of touch. 

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on - not this time media boys. 

American Bishop found Guilty…a Non-Media Story. Justice-Lite. Justice Missouri style. A magic trick almost.

But more than likely Opus Dei Operative, Fox Media Consultant, Greg Burkes at the Vatican on the phone to Roger Ailes at the "Ministry of Truth" (Fox News) in New York City being advised by Roger Baby that the best cover for the conviction of an American Bishop of Child Abuse Related Charges would be the Dem Convention.  

While it is the "family value" Republicans that want to give full 14th amendment rights to zygotes, it is the Dems who are more than likely to really care about your local priest taking naughty pictures of their little girls.

I hope Timmy Blew a kiss to Bobby last night at the his closing Hypoctitical Benediction in Charlotte. Mission accomplished.

A kiss blown to Bobby and also to all his sisters in the RC criminal sorority "ATO", Alpha Twunta Omega, aka the USCCB.

The Saint Louis Religious Criminal Mafia Alumni had a good day yesterday.

What a crock, chamber pot full of RC hierarchy, Fox News and Opus Dei goo!  Shit! - for short.


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Opus Dei Moonie Cult Hotel? Domus-Troost Project – Kansas City MO – Bishop Finn

The good Catholics of Kansas City have lowered their contributions during the recent unpleasantness of Bishop Bob Finn overlooking the kiddie porn hobby of his friend Father Ratigan.

But the Bishop wants a legacy and is suddenly interested in student housing near a secular and Jesuit university and crammed into the tiny urban lot of a defunct catholic school.

Legacy? Investment? Competing with the local private housing industry with a tax free 501(c) corporation to build an Opus Dei Housing Project – a Moonie Cult Hotel in the neighborhood to recruit from the local universities?


The Kansas City Catholic diocese’s plans for student housing on Troost Avenue drew a storm of neighborhood opposition Tuesday as a citizens panel reviewed the project.

The City Plan Commission postponed a rezoning decision until Nov. 6 on plans by the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph to build a 103-unit building geared toward students attending Rockhurst University and the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

Leaders of the neighborhoods surrounding the proposed site, on the west side of Troost Avenue near 53rd Street, complained the diocese has not communicated fully or honestly with them. They also argued the proposed design is too big, will exacerbate existing parking and traffic problems, and will negatively affect Saint Francis Xavier Catholic Church.

“This project is shoe-horned in so tight it doesn’t fit the space,” said Ken Spare, president of the Crestwood Homes Association. “We are vehemently opposed to this.”

Jude Huntz, chancellor of the diocese, said the diocese thought it had addressed the concerns and he was sorry about any miscommunication. He said the next step will be to meet again with the project’s critics to try to find a resolution.

The five-story building would be on the site of the former St. Francis Xavier School, across from Rockhurst and a few blocks from UMKC. The elementary school, empty for a few years, would be torn down.

The building would be owned by the diocese and built by Domus, which has built Catholic residence halls in other cities.

Opus Dei American Headquarters - 234 Lexington Ave. NYC
(139 E 34th Street - cross street address)


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Ju$tice at Bi$hop Finn Child Abu$e Trial Expected in Kan$a$ City Tomorrow (Wink, Nod)

The fix is in boys and girls. 


Parents. Hide your children!

“---Almost a year after Bishop Robert Finn and his diocese were charged with failing to report child-abuse suspicions, they will appear in court today to lay their case before a judge and not a jury.

In a surprising move made public Wednesday in a court filing, the bishop and the church have agreed to have a judge decide in a bench trial whether they are guilty. The move avoids a lengthy jury trial, which was set to open Sept. 24.

Prosecutors and lawyers representing Finn and the Catholic Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph are sorting through a series of facts about the case, a spokesman for Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker said.

“This means that all the parties in the case — the diocese, Bishop Finn and the prosecutor’s office — are negotiating what the facts and testimony will be,” said Mike Mansur. “Those will be presented to the judge.”

Jackson County Circuit Judge John Torrence is expected to issue verdicts today.

Finn and the diocese each face two misdemeanor counts of failing to report suspicions of child abuse involving their handling of hundreds of lewd photographs found on the Rev. Shawn Ratigan’s laptop computer.

Each charge against Finn carries a maximum penalty of one year in jail and a $1,000 fine. The diocese faces a fine of up to $5,000 for each charge.---“


Greece the Cradle of Democracy About to Descend into Euro-Slavery – Forced Six Day Work Week Proposed

New Economic World Order - Euro Slavery in Greece

Another brilliant idea of Economists and MBAs, the same morons that created this economic mess to begin with. When did they become the undisputed High Priests of Capitalism?

"--The letter, sent last week to the Greek finance and labour ministries, orders the government to extend the working week into the weekend.
"Measure: increase flexibility of work schedules: increase the number of maximum workdays to six days per week for all sectors.
"Increase flexibility of work schedules; set the minimum daily rest to 11 hours; delink the working hours of employees from the opening hours of the establishment; eliminate restrictions on minimum/maximum time between morning and afternoon shifts; allow the consecutive two-week leave to be taken anytime during the year in seasonal sectors."
The instructions focus on labour market reforms, calling for the national labour inspectorate to be radically reformed and put under European supervision.
The letter reveals the detail of eurozone intrusion into a national system and culture of work widely seen outside Greece as dysfunctional.
There should be a permanent "single-rate statutory minimum wage", seen as an incentive for getting people back to work in a country where unemployment has soared to around 30%.
"Unemployment is too high, and policies are needed to prevent it from becoming structural," the letter says.
The letter also calls for non-wage labour costs to be lowered, employers' welfare contributions to be cut, and deregulation of the labour market.--"


Haley Barbour – GOP Twunt of the Hour - - Using Coded Racist Slavist - S & M Homoerotic Lingo or Wishful Regicide?

Branding Captured Africans - First Step into Slavery

A mixed message out of former Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour which operates on all different levels, S & M, Branding of Slaves, Regicide of a sitting US President and introducing Chris Christie into his homoerotic fantasy and or assassination wish.

Barbour offered a brief assessment of the Republican National Convention. “While I would love for [Chris] Christie to put a hot poker to Obama’s butt,” said Barbour of the RNC keynote speaker, “I thought he did what he was supposed to do.” 
A reader pointed out something far worse than the already-incredible racism that underlies a southerner with a history of racist problems suggesting that a black man be branded. A reader writes: 
Politico has completely missed the disgustingly homophobic angle on Haley Barbour's comment to donors that Chris Christie should have "put a hot poker to Obama’s butt." 
How obsessively bigoted is this man? A hot poker shoved into the anus and bowels is the reputed method used to assassinate King Edward II of England because he had a male lover. 
How does an infamous method of murdering a gay man centuries ago make it's way into that man's working vocabulary?

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Getting to the Point - E.L.O.


Burn Wall Street - Burning Man Art Exhibit - 2012

Burn Wall Street - Art Exhibit - Burning Man Festival 2012

Between lottery distribution of tickets, ticket scalpers, and political statements as above, Burning Man has perhaps Jumped the Shark.

The fantasy is all gone and now so utterly commercial and disneyesque?



Hitler Still not a Popular Name in Retail

"----The owners of a new Indian clothing store called Hitler say they will rename it after receiving complaints. Rajesh Shah, one of the shop's co-owners, told the BBC there would be a new name "tomorrow or the day after". Jews in the city of Ahmedabad, where the shop opened last month, said using the Nazi dictator's name was offensive. Israeli diplomats also raised the issue with the Gujarat state government. The owners said they did not know who Adolf Hitler was when the shop opened. Mr Shah told the BBC: "Yes we are planning to change the name. There has been too much political pressure from the government." He said officials had promised compensation for the rebranding of the store, which sells men's clothing, although he said they had provided nothing in writing. His co-owner, Manish Chandani, told AFP news agency they had never intended to glorify Hitler.----"


Burning Man 2012 – Black Rock Nevada