Monday, July 9, 2012

Re-energize the World with the Light of Truth and Soul of Compassion

CEOs lead the world? Yeah right.

Those in the world with the capacity to change the world are out of touch. The child’s fable of the Emperor Has No Clothes keeps coming up over and over again on the Internet to describe all the inept, corrupt, uncompassionate, uncaring spreadsheet systems of control, non-leadership, and incompetence in place in the world today in business, government and religion.

Two-thirds of the hungry of the world are women.

Two-thirds of the illiterate of the world are women.

Two-thirds of the poor of the world are women.

That can't be an accident; that has to be a policy.

Where are the leaders who will change these things?

Speech given to the 2012 graduates of Stanford University by Sister Joan Chittister  ... 

But how do we know what it means to really be a leader and how do we know who should do it?
There are some clues to those answers in folk literature, I think. The first story is about two boats that meet head on in a shipping channel at night.

As boats are wont to do in the dark, boat number 1 flashed boat number 2: "We are on a collision course. Turn your boat 10 degrees north."

Boat 2 signaled back: "Yes, we are on a collision course. Turn your boat 10 degrees south."

Boat 1 signaled again: "I am an admiral in her majesty's navy; I am telling you to turn your boat 10 degrees north."

Boat 2 flashed back immediately: "And I am a seaman 2nd class. And I am telling you to turn your boat 10 degrees south."

By this time, the admiral was furious. He flashed back: "I repeat! I am an admiral in her majesty's navy and I am commanding you to turn your boat 10 degrees north. I am in a battleship!"

And the second boat returned a signal that said: "And I am commanding you to turn your boat 10 degrees south. I am in a lighthouse."

Point: Rank, titles and positions are no substitute for leadership....


Papal Tiara of Paul VI – the Last Italian Pope *

Like everything else in a changing world, the objects that once displayed power and might are now doorstops in our temporary trash recycle culture.
One such object is the Last Tiara, of the centuries old symbol of Roman usurpation of power, in the form of the triple crown of popes.  The above Tiara was used to crown Pope Paul VI in 1963.
Paul VI was the last Italian pope *, discounting of course the very short 33 day reign ended by the murder of John Paul I by Bankers and Mafia Dons, banking customers?, not satisfied with the Vatican’s banking services etc. Couldn’t they just return the toaster to the bank and close their accounts? Geez.
Well anyway, the crown is currently in the Pilgrimage Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington DC.
I saw this object when it was doing a national tour for charity in the late sixties. Paul VI gave up his crown to feed the poor.  What sick twisted logic and thinking back then in the church during and after Vatican II.  Mama mia.
I saw the object in the lobby of a bank in downtown Philly at the SW corner of Broad and Chestnut Streets, the Wall Street type financial center of Philly in its day.
I see on Google Maps that that bank lobby is now selling music DVDs and Video Games and across the street the one time main branch of the Girard Trust Company, a marble replica of the Pantheon in Rome, which is now a mere entrance way and lobby of a five star hotel.  Talk about the current disposable trash culture.  Must be getting old or something.
When I saw Paul VI’s tiara I was young and still a catholic.  I took some photos and showed them to my uber-Catholic aunts and uncles and their response was something I will always remember. That as Irish Catholics there was a pope, in a holy card, but I-talians, on a personal level and personal prejudice level, were another matter altogether.  Whatever.
With the arrival of the Global Media Rock Star Pope John Paul II and his private political agenda in Poland and his “reform of the reform”, turning back the clock to the middle ages to forget Vatican II, this last crown of the last Italian pope is no doubt just another cash cow relic to fleece the pilgrims in the Washington shrine.  Vials of the real Blood of Christ relics down the next aisle for your shopping consumerism pleasure. LOL
The crown BTW sat on the altar of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome during the last sessions of Vatican II during the early reign of Paul VI.  No doubt besides relic status, the papal tiara has trophy status of sorts to the Neocons, Satanists, Masons, Bankers now in control of the Roman Catholic Church in Rome.  
Have a nice day.