Sunday, July 20, 2008

in Jesus there is no male or female

An exciting thing is happening today in Boston.

Three women of the R.C. church are going to be ordained priests in a growing underground movement that is tired of the dinosaur ears of the Vatican trying hard not to listen or even imagine that those women thingies are valid as human beings or as the equal possessors of souls, same as the lowest man in God’s Kingdom.

Their ordination will no doubt be valid, if technically illegal by R.C. rules, in whatever means they use, traditional or with an unbroken line of Protestant clergy, some sects of which have never abandoned the R.C. rights of ordination.

Where will these women minister to the flock? In people's homes, the way it was in the beginning of Christianity.

Go Girls. Go! You may be excummunicated by the end of the week with paperwork and ink and pens all signed off by the exclusive all male, or if you prefer all boys club of the Vatican City State. ( do you know that my spell check did not recognize the word “excommunicated” – if my robot computer so vastly smarter than myself does not know the word than it must be an obsolete, archaic word? )

The Christian Church, the People of God, is being reborn. A new rebirth of faith and brotherhood and sisterhood all around this planet is happening and growing. Dogma is not as important as the breath of the Holy Spirit upon us.

The R.C. Church, the General Motors of church institutions, only hears and touches what it wants to hear or touch and that sense is at present an exclusively male sense.

In Jesus there is no male or female.

I read that in a comment on an Internet response to a local woman, one of the three, from Staten Island, NY being ordained today. There is very little in the way of media coverage of this new underground Christian movement. One is reminded of the original primitive underground Christian movement and the martyrs who dared go up against the dinosaur of the Roman Empire, defunct now except in the minds of the boys at the Vatican.

Guess what boys? The other half of the planet and the universe is female.

One follows some of these things on the Internet. The R.C. church does not seem to care who belongs to it anymore. Take no prisoners for Christ was the motto of the late, not so great, founder of the catholic, not christian, church - good ole general Constantine. He never even bothered to convert except on his deathbed and that was I think just a PR type rumor.

When the Roman Catholic church demystifies the golden idols of the office of the Pope and their first big patron Constantine, maybe the business of Jesus will come back into vogue.

There was a Henry VIII type land grab attempt recently at Saint Stanislaus Kostka Parish in St.Louis. The R.C. church apparently needs money for its lawyer fees and the euphemistically labeled national “altar boy fund” regarding recently publicized lawsuits.

Closing inner city schools, churches and selling real estate is the primary collateral damage of these long tolerated practices and accompanying litigation.

Apologies are nice but somebody has to pay the bills so why not dump them on the poor.

The priest originally from La Crosse, after a long fiscal battle with the bishop's palace over control of parish property, participated in the ordination of women and the church used this as an excuse to try and seize property under its ancient and Constantine granted rights.

The attempted land grab, the tossing out of the clergy onto the streets and the shunning of the parish, seems something like that of a junkie’s need to feed the altar boy fund. Management has its fiscal priorities. This is not Jesus !

This real estate deal was done by none other than the Archbishop of St. Louis who in the middle of the 2004 elections publicly announced that Presidential candidate John Kerry, a war hero, could not receive communion under his jurisdiction.

Kerry had not sought communion there, but the publicity, power hungry, archbishop sized the opportunity to disrupt a democratic process to announce his medieval point of view.

The Archbishop has since been rewarded for his catholic though not christian acts by a promotion to the Vatican high court, the Scalia of God. If they give him his red hat, I predict he will be a future pope.

God save us all!