Friday, September 7, 2012

Cardinals Dolan - Rigali - Burke Call in Favors to Save Bobby Finn’s Little Pink Ass – Opus Dei (non-media) Event

Cardinals Dolan Rigali Burke Memorial Media Award Goes to…

It is obvious that St.Louis Archdiocese Church Mafia Alumni Cardinals Dolan, Rigali and Burke were on the phones in a constant marathon, telethon recently calling in Missouri favors, reminding pols and judges of the dirty little perverted secrets of the ruling elites as a reminder and a request to cut Bishop Bobby Finn some slack in this Child Abuse Hearing, not a trial, no jury needed to hear the evidence etc. 

God only knows what skeletons are buried or killing fields are hidden in the Archdiocese of Saint Louis Missouri.  But then again Cardinal Dolan is a renowned expert on the Catholic Cemetery Racket thing.

Two years of unsupervised probation for whatever it is that they found him guilty of regarding his friend Father Ratigan and his penchant for taking photos of naked little girls’ private parts.

As for the last minute change and in what I consider one of the most cynical acts of Goebbels style media manipulation I have seen in years, Cardinal Dolan gives a benediction at the Democratic Convention in Charlotte, a backdrop of which, made part of the last minute change of judicial venue in the Bishop Finn of Kansas City case that virtually disappeared from public attention within 24 hours.  

I almost called the same manipulation thing on the Friday afternoon guilty verdict of Monsignor Lynn, a Rigali Protege, that got drowned out in the media storm surrounding a very quick guilty verdict of Jerry Sandusky at Penn State.  A coincidence then?  If I had called it contrived, I would be called paranoid and out of touch. 

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on - not this time media boys. 

American Bishop found Guilty…a Non-Media Story. Justice-Lite. Justice Missouri style. A magic trick almost.

But more than likely Opus Dei Operative, Fox Media Consultant, Greg Burkes at the Vatican on the phone to Roger Ailes at the "Ministry of Truth" (Fox News) in New York City being advised by Roger Baby that the best cover for the conviction of an American Bishop of Child Abuse Related Charges would be the Dem Convention.  

While it is the "family value" Republicans that want to give full 14th amendment rights to zygotes, it is the Dems who are more than likely to really care about your local priest taking naughty pictures of their little girls.

I hope Timmy Blew a kiss to Bobby last night at the his closing Hypoctitical Benediction in Charlotte. Mission accomplished.

A kiss blown to Bobby and also to all his sisters in the RC criminal sorority "ATO", Alpha Twunta Omega, aka the USCCB.

The Saint Louis Religious Criminal Mafia Alumni had a good day yesterday.

What a crock, chamber pot full of RC hierarchy, Fox News and Opus Dei goo!  Shit! - for short.