Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Catherine Engelbrecht Yelling “Victim” Again On Fox News – Head of King Street Patriots, Ted Cruz Storm Troopers / “Poll Watchers” In Texas

Catherine Engelbrect if she is late 15 minutes from the grocery store in Houston and her husband calls Fox News and Fox posts an Amber Alert – Just kidding - but she does fit the right category of potential lost girls and women, white girls and woman, the only kind worth worrying about, and likely possible sexual victims of “thugs” if you know what I mean (wink,nod). 

Catherine Engelbrecht - Head of Ted Cruz Storm Troopers in Texas Yells "Victim" Again and Again on Fox News - "Why is the IRS investigating (a gangster like) me or my (thugs) members of the King Street Patriots?" (I'm white and Blond - I can't be a "thug".)

Of course Catherine has no lips and she lies through those lips all day long as she claims her street (white) thugs for Ted Cruz in this recent election deserved tax free status. Like what kind of tax free poll watchers also sponsor partisan Republican debates for candidates?

Early Voting is over and the stage is set for the November 2nd General Election.  The King Street Patriots group, concerned about the sanctity of the election process, has recruited and trained over 1,000 poll watchers to take to the streets and polling locations of Houston.  
But they will not be alone. Quanell X, leader of the New Black Panther Party, has been doing some recruiting of his own. According to Fox 26 News, Quanell X spent this week recruiting hundreds of "troops" to watch the poll watchers. 
The report (shown below) quotes Quanell X as saying he would not tolerate any of his people carrying clubs or weapons as was seen in Philadelphia in the 2008 presidential election.  But he also said, very ominously "will not tolerate any intimidation tactics from them against our elderly, our women and our young people."  
Does this mean there could be trouble between these two groups, or perhaps, is there an opportunity to step back and find an opportunity to work together to help both sides assure a free and fraud-free election that is also free from intimidation from or to voters or poll watchers?


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