Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Thank you Bishop Martino for supporting our grandchildren.

Four Catholic Colleges Ban Birth Control On Campus

Four Catholic institutions of higher learning in Pennsylvania have decided not to make contraceptive devices like condoms or oral birth control available on campus, as per the suggestion of Bishop Joseph Martino. The schools agree with Bishop Martino’s stance that providing such items on campus go against Catholic doctrine.
Contractually, and under most federal guaranteed student loans, if you pay for full services at any university, and for your child under 21 and he or she conceives in that university, the university should be obligated to support the children conceived, unaborted and delivered at that pro-life university – especially if birth control is forbidden at the so-called full service facility.

That's my spin on the law or how it should be - that or pull the plug on federal monies to support these institutions. It's one thing to provide funds for education. It is an entirely other thing for these funds be misused to interfere in the private sex lives of students. If you interfere in the conception process - "if you break it you buy it".

Bishop Joe Martino of Scranton in the goodness of his heart and the immence wealth of the Roman Catholic Church should take full responsible for part of the child’s support until age 21 of all children conceived on church property and especially when the University forbids birth control on the premises. Partial responsibility starts with taking away the kid's candy - the rubbers and the pills. Any responsibility in the process of life implies reponsibility for continued responsibility of moral and financial support.

Thank you Joe – you are a pearl among men and with the assets of the Vatican, the sky is the limit with our children who attend upstate Pennsylvania Catholic colleges – namely Marywood, Kings, U of Scranton, Misericordia but who have the sense to have children born out of wedlock through your papal command – thx for the co-child support through 21 = you are a life saver !

This co-sponsorship of unwanted pregnancies and child support (or at least lawsuits from unplanned grandparents) kicks church morality up another notch and into a brave bold, unknown frontier.

Thank you Joe! You are a saint! Amen!!!