Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Joan Baez - Night they drove Old Dixie down


Congressman Burgess of Texas Demands Federal Protection for Unicorns in Texas

Congressman Mike Burgess with his mail order Christian Medical Degree claims that Unicorns still exist in Texas. 

Trent Franks Masturbating Baby (Fetus) Rights Bill Passes in Congress

Burgess and Franks Baby (Fetus) Masturbation Bill Passes House

As the moron from Texas Rep. Mike Burgess asserts, a male baby (fetus) starts to jerk off at fifteen weeks. 

[Female baby (fetus) does not masturbate???=Wow]

So if they can feel pleasure, they will certainly feel the pain of an Abortion performed by a Black Philly Abortion Doctor (wink,nod) etc. 

That be scientific folks!