Sunday, May 27, 2018

Memorial Day - Illinois Peace Day - 1915

The M.A.G.A. = A.D.H.D. POTUS(y) of Donald Trump

Fred and Mary Trump spent a fortune on locking their middle child Donald in a Military School (rich code for problem child reform school back when btw) before they both succumbed to Senility and or Alzheimer's. 

Since getting control of his parents fortune through lawyers and guardianships etc. Donald Trump has been in denial about his undisciplined youth that might owe itself to some modern middle class discriptives like dyslexia and or ADHD.

Our Asian allies and enemies are no doubt at the moment trying to cope with the undiagnosed and unrecognized forms of mental illnesses that Trump is probably paranoidedly hiding in plain view to the American and global publics as well as functional illiteracy verified and or certified by his "gentlemen"'s C's @Penn. 

And for a person who does not believe in African American Hawaiian State issued birth certificates or vaccinations (that cause autism - myth?) for babies, playing to his white on the surface trailer trash, food stamp using, welfare cheating Gawd and Guns, Mob Base, he has gotten awful far in a world full of gullible burb financed college diplomas controlling both corporations and the news media, his shouting a lot of sound and fury but signifying nothing btw (again). 

But his poorly written modern day Shakespearre Marvel Commic Book tragic life is just too much sometimes to follow one more time, him, around the room on his tricycle.