Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sexual Rights – A First Amendment Right! – “Religious Liberty” does not really exist; it never has.

Rosa Parks strikes Liberty Bell on MLK Day - 1988

Here I go again in the tradition of my beloved Federalist Papers – Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, John Jay and me, This Cultural Christian, to explain the Constitution to people who write, get paid to produce dribble in the defense of ignorance –  and “every form of tyranny over the mind of man”.

First Amendment – United States Constitution:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

"Sexual Rights vs. Religious Liberty", Nov 15, 2011, three quotes from William Anthony Donohue, CL, and my comments:

“Nowhere in the U.S. Constitution does it mention sexual rights, but it does cite religious liberty.”

The Constitution’s Right to “petition the Government for a redress of grievances” is the right, civil right to define, redefine the right to sexuality, in public as well as in private, in modern terms and with modern laws.

One cannot expect that obsolete terms and understandings of sexuality to apply in the twenty-first century.  First century foreign rules, concepts and definitions may no longer apply in the ongoing evolution of human rights into a modern age.

Also - The Constitution does not site “Liberty” – it merely implies a hands off approach to religious practice within the confines of a place of worship and possibly other minor things such as religious dress in the civic thoroughfare etc.

“This attack on religious liberty is not limited to the federal government. In places like Massachusetts and Illinois, Catholic social service agencies have been forced to drop their adoptive and foster care programs because they refuse, on religious liberty grounds, to include homosexual parents.”

Religious liberty does not exist.  If a religion is in some business, whether as a for profit or non-profit enterprise, it must comply to the rules, laws of the game.
If discrimination against a segment of the population is involved in antiquated business practices, the business must comply or go out of business. 

Nowhere in the Bible is any reference of adoption or foster care businesses as part of the traditional Christian central core belief system.

As far as I know, Christianity is a religion and not a business.

“This is the most determined onslaught on religious liberty we’ve seen in decades, and all of it is driven by a debased understanding of sexual freedom.”

The "debased understanding" of the Catholics Bishops on sexuality and its use or fear of the freedom of its use is the probable source all this confusion, sexual confusion of the RCs, spilling out into the streets and public forums. 
What happens in church should stay in church.  I respect your religious right to be ignorant there but only there BTW.
Please try to be civil in the public secular American Town Square, real and virtual.

Simple rule of thought on the confusion over the “liberty” word:

In America, there is a Liberty Bell (pictured above).
There is no religious liberty.  

Just freedom of choice, or the “pursuit of happiness”, as protected by the Constitution.

Have a nice day.  :-)


Penn State – NCAA – Pedophilia Cover Up – Paterno Chantry

Paterno Chapel (Chantry) - Penn State Campus

The NCAA is going to investigate this pedophile mess at Penn State.  That is like the USCCB putting out another paid for white paper on priests and buggery.  

If the NCAA could not or did not stop these crimes against humanity done under their willful noses, what exact good can they do now except pay for a white paper saying how they came in, investigated and now everything is safe again at Penn State.  Safe to do sports business as usual again, emphasis on the word busine$$.

Joe Paterno did not sell his soul to Penn State in the last decade or two.  He sold it very early in his career long before any of his talent or luck kicked in to make him so successful and an American Football Icon.  He sold it to that silent secret male only crony club that dominates and rules every college, university and corporation in America.  

Thing is with selling your soul, it is not so easy to buy it back as that myth might seem to indicate.

But if you know you have looked the other way in terms of in-house corruption, possible kickbacks, freebie drugs, prostitutes and cash in white envelopes to Sports Journalists, money laundering through sports foundations and not to mention the added bonus of looking the other way on the pedophilia (kid rape racket on campus) thing, maybe you or your spouse should build a Chantry.

A Chantry is a private chapel or altar in a cathedral dedicated specifically to constant prayers and masses said in the name of the deceased and for the purpose of relieving their sentence in purgatory for all the sins they, usually kings and princes, had to do in the name of the greater good of the state.

Henry VIII outlawed these funded rackets, mostly to steal the funding, but also because any good Protestant knows that you are either saved or not.  That once dead, all the prayers in the universe cannot get you out of hell if you were a like a total royal bastard or nasty prick pain in the ass in your lifetime - in other words, a monster.

I find it ironic that something like a month after Joe Paterno signs his share of his  house over to his wife, his wife is dedicating the Paterno Family Chantry on the Penn State Campus.  That chapel is no doubt for the purpose of praying, and praying, and praying for all eternity to get Joe Paterno’s soul out of Purgatory. 

Prayers for the forgiveness of the things he found necessary to do as a prince on campus and for the deeds, ugly and perhaps borderline legal to keep the seats filled, the cash flowing, out of Beaver Stadium, the second largest stadium in the Western Hemisphere, capacity 106,572.  That’s a lot of stadium for the virtual middle of nowhere in the middle of the vast dark forests of central Pennsylvania.

Does the stadium wag its tail on the Penn State Campus or is Penn State merely the tail?


I’ll say a pray for Joe while he is alive and fighting now lung cancer.  I am not a total bastard.  But prayers after he is dead is a waste of time.  You are either saved or not saved.  The prayers at his Campus Chantry will go on so long as the funding continues.  I hope they haven’t invested the Chanty’s foundation/funds too heavily in the Wall Street casino scam.

So it goes.