Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Harry Morgan – RIP – 1915-2011

What is Catholic President to be Newt Gingrich's Position on Pedophilia?

The Future First (Dysfunctional) Catholic Family of the United States!

I see that future First Lady Callista Gingrich sang at the national Knights of Columbus Shrine for Pedophilia Defending Cardinal Hoyos in 2010.  With no doubt fawning Newt in attendance.

Important question now to our next Catholic President Newt Gingrich:

What is your political and or religious positions on Pedophilia, and        or, Professional, Amateur Sports pedophilia in the workplace? 

And, how do you feel about joining a church in this modern age not known for its Compassion of Children but rather the Blatant Exploitation and Disregard of Children or their Rights?


Street Meme – Womens’ Rights - Christina Aguilera - Can't Hold Us Down

Take Christ out of Pagan Christmas – Crucified Santa Artwork? in Virginia

Not Artwork IMHO - Get a Day Job

Tis the season to be angry at the godless consumerism of X-mas.

A display in the Virginia town square came and went and did not become another fake far right Christian GOP religion talking point in the media. Amen.

A display of a skeleton in a Santa Claus suit placed on a cross was erected at a courthouse in Leesburg, Va. It was eventually taken down by an anonymous individual.Julie Grandfield, assistant to the Loudon County Administrator, explained to The Christian Post that the individual responsible for the display went through the system.“Board of Supervisors currently has a policy in place to allow displays on the courthouse lawn,” said Grandfield.
I have stated on more than one occasion that Jesus born on April 17 is not the right birthday boy attached to this Roman Pagan Holiday of Christmas.

I see all the feigned outrage in the public forum of put “Christ back into Christmas”?  Whatever that no-brainer FOX NEWS meme is all about?  Well that equation makes us shut down all the retail outlets selling us pagan junk to properly celebrate this Pagan Holiday ( Birth of Apollo – Jesus’ half brother etc.)

Regarding Virginia putting all points of view on display in a public – kudos.  Regarding the actual crucified Santa thing – not really art – decoration perhaps – another Tim Burton imagination thing – but definitely not art.  Get a day job please etc.

I do not see blasphemy.  Blasphemy is in the heart. Only God can judge in that department when it is truly in the heart.  Point is – have a heart to begin with in order to enter the equation and or discussion etc.

Have a nice annoying Pagan Holiday.  Merry X-mas.