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Father Derek Lappe’s 13 Critical Failsafe Signs Pointing to the Gayness in Your Boy or Girl Child – Secrets of “Step on a Crack Break Your Mother’s Back” New Catholic Science Revealed – Boys Scouts of America

I gagged when I read the Medieval Creationist type suedo-science of one Father Derek Lappe’s attempt to get his Domestic Prelate’s Hat (Monsignor) by ass-kissing the local bishop (Sartain) when he unveiled why his parish would withdraw from sponsoring the manly man he-man only Boy Scouts of America.

The good church fathers over at the Catholic Church are quite content and indeed comfortable using children to advance their secret sexual agenda in the public town square.  

Whether raping children directly or just taking a “Catholic” “Moral Stand” against gays aka known as boys who are gay and have the common sense God gave them at birth to know that they are gay and want to join the archaic obsolete fascist institution of the Boy Scouts of America as an example.

Also please note, the Catholic clerics only use the coded Catholic word “Homosexual” invented by the Victorians to promote cutting edge Victorian qualitative science of 150 years ago. 

“Gay” is of course a term of the (yuk) Laity. “Homosexual” is Latin (or Greek) and therefore copyrighted by the RCC. lol

Father Derek Lappe, a young lad priest in need of an older prelate with maturity and experience and wisdom to guide him in Our Lady Star of the Sea Parish in Bremerton is left to his own devices, all alone, quite lonely, in his mismanaged parish in Washington State.

Father Lappe’s RC revealed 13 sure signs of probable unchecked monitored Gayness in your man child and or (yuk) – your worthless  girl child:

1 - Alienation from the father in early childhood

2 - Mother was overprotective (boys)

3 - Mother emotionally unavailable (girls)

4 - Mother was needy and demanding (boys)

5 - Parents failed to encourage same-sex identification (typo? Shouldn’t that be discourage?)

6 - Lack of rough and tumble play (boys) (get your doctor to prescribe those steroids boys)

7 - Failure to identify with same/sex peers (?)

8 - Dislike of team sports (boys) (Jockstraps Rule!)

9 - Lack of hand/eye coordination and resultant teasing by peers (boys) (likes dolls, not violent video games?)

10 - Sexual abuse or rape (by the laity of course) 

11 - Social phobia or extreme shyness

12 - Parental loss through death or divorce

13 - Separation from parent during critical developmental stages

Dear Catholic Parents - Have you inspected, check-listed your "child" lately?


Anybody Got a Piece of Chalk? - Finding a Parking Spot


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Transfiguration Church Philadelphia - 1928 /2009

                                                                                                                                                                          Google Maps


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Father Coughlin - Msgr Hawks - Tea with Franco, Hitler and Mussolini

Father Coughlin

One of the things that kept the various American Fascist groups in the late 1930s and into 1940, 41 from succeeding was that the only thing they had in common was their anti-Semitism.  

The various German, Italian, Ukrainian fascist groups would not unite over and above ethnic identity and so too the Ku Klux Klan and other Protestant fronts would not unite with groups like America First and definitely not with the Catholic fronts like the Christian Front or Father Coughlin’s National Union for Social Justice.

National Union for Social Justice founded in 1934, spawning Social Justice Magazine in 1936.

Christian Front – bastard child of Coughlin’s inspired radio messages.

The Christian Front was founded in November 1938 in response to the prompting of radio priest Charles Coughlin, who had called for a "crusade against the anti-Christian forces of the Red Revolution" in the May 23, 1938, edition of his newspaper, Social Justice.[1] Its membership numbered several thousand and consisted mostly of Irish-Americans in the New York City area. They sold Social Justice, organized boycotts of Jewish businesses, and held parades and rallies. They made no distinction between "Reds" and Jews.[2] Their rallies welcomed attendees from like-minded organizations like the German American Bund, and Crusaders for Americanism. They heard speakers denounce Jews as international bankers, war mongers, and communists, mock President Roosevelt as Rosenvelt, and praise Franco and Hitler.[3] Bishop Fulton J. Sheen backed the Front.[4]The Roman Catholic Bishop of Brooklyn, Thomas Molloy was a prominent supporter and his diocesan newspaper, the Tablet once addressed the charge that the Christian Front was anti-Semitic: "Well what of it? Just what law was violated?"[5]
The Front also targeted organized labor and tried to replace union officials, deemed too radical or Jewish, with "Christian leadership".

When the war came, the FBI rounded up about 3,000 of the worst agitators of these foreign and domestic funded groups and locked their heineys up in detention camps etc. for further processing and interrogations. (eternal shades of Gitmo) (no priests rounded up at that time that I know of)

The present  Catholic Front, Religious Liberty Front, Fortnight of Freedom Front does not outwardly advocate the same anti-Semitism of  1930s America as much as they advocate veiled racism, misogyny and anti-gay hatred. They of course feel comfortable these days hanging out with the Mormons, John Birchers and Fundamentalist Right, though I don’t think those righties feel the same comfort having to hang with the papes.

In any case, the old game plan, game book from the 1930s works best on a purely money, power and greed basis regarding any temporary political alliances across diverse groupings of thugs.

Following through on the fascism of the Irish Parish of my youth, St. Joan of Arc Harrowgate, Philadelphia and the founding pastor, an Episcopalian priest turned papist, I have to reexamine some of the childhood myths I had constructed by word of mouth and set forth in some of my writing.

I had written a short story illustrating the anti-Semitism that existed in my old neighborhood before my birth via the oral history of a visitor to our house in my youth who had once lived in our house.

In that story I make a man I never met, Msgr. Hawks out to be some sort of hero in that he fought anti-Semitism in that neighborhood of the 1930s in his dealings with a local Jewish tailor. 

I was greatly shocked when I did further research recently to see that Msgr. Hawks had quite a track record amidst the fawning admirers and apologists for Franco, Hitler and Mussolini.

It comes on back of some recent comment from another writer about how all families have ghosts and or skeletons of things left unsaid over the decades and centuries of family histories.

I am thinking right now how oral tradition reached me from my father how his parents were regular listeners of the infamous Father Coughlin of fascist anti-Semitic radio fame of those turbulent late thirties and early forties in America.  

In fact I remember my father pointing out some rural site on one of our Sunday family drives in the country and can remember him describing the place as once having been a popular summertime picnic grounds for a local Bund group.  It went over my head at the time. I do have quite a memory and now that he is dead I cannot go back and ask for further details. Such is life.

But getting back to Msgr. Hawks at St. Joan of Arc.

I was rather amused at this passage from an online book regarding the right wing groups in Pennsylvania before mid-century.

Further research on the net is limited. Not much except that Father Brophy sounds like a Father Edward F. Brophy of the Church of the Most Precious Blood in Long Island City (Queens), NY.  I believe he was part of the Christian Front as well as the CDCR.

CDCR – Committee for Defense of Constitutional Rights - sounds like a Tea Bagger Party Front from modern day.

Thomas J. Blisard Jr. I cannot find any reference on the net to except a passage in a Marxist Socialist newspaper.

Agitation against the fascists right to meet at the Met Opera House on North Broad St., built by Oscar Hammerstein I, grandfather of Oscar II of Rogers and Hammerstein fame.  (Still standing in genteel decay.)

And Jew hating, communist hating baiting Bessie Burchett.

Bessie Rebecca Burchett Ph D. (born 1879) was the head of the department of foreign languages in the South Philadelphia High School for Girls. She wrote a book, Education for Destruction, documenting the communist infiltration of the Philadelphia public school system in the 1930s.

She earned the moniker "Two Gun" Bessie because she carried two pistols to defend herself. 

And the cultic Knights of Columbus Bund Fraternity organization. 

(No mention of any nasty Irish anti-Semitism there as part of that anti-Communism “Crusade” in their own propaganda. God bless their "charitible" hearts.)


Monday, May 27, 2013

Franco Shrine to Close in Philly – Saint Joan of Arc Church Harrowgate

I find it extremely ironic that Francophile Charles Chaput with his blue ribbon committees and bankers to derivative-ize / bundle the Archdiocesan real estate portfolio before his next promotion, would could overlook this Sufi-like shrine in Philly to the secretly sainted Generalissimo.

I also find it ironic or even questioning the management style or lack of it from a temporary Vatican hack in the form of the Canadian American person of Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philly waiting around for his next real and or important assignment by the Vatican after this temporary Hatchet Job (hand job) gig in the city of brotherly luv.

Saint Joan of Arc Church will close on June 23 at noon.  It’s founder Msgr. Edward F. Hawks was quite a writer and defender of General Franco and his regime in Spain during and after the Civil War there. 

“Franco’s armies are good to the people, and Franco is especially kind towards the children.”   
~~ Msgr. Edward Hawks, St Joan of Arc Parish, Harrowgate Philadelphia.

Edward F. Hawks
(PAHRC – Phila Pa)

“…After converting, Hawks left his home in Canada and became a priest in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, where he served for several years as a parish curate. During World War I, he served as a chaplain in the Canadian army. When he returned to Philadelphia in 1919, he established St. Joan of Arc parish, where he remained until his death.  He was also the founder of the Catholic Evidence Guild, an organization designed to attract converts and lapsed Catholics.

Hawks was a well-known writer and lecturer. For more than 30 years, he wrote a column on current events for the diocesan paper The Catholic Standard and Times. From 1936-1938, after becoming a domestic prelate, he toured Spain to gather accounts of the Civil War for his column. His efforts on behalf of the Nationalist cause won him decoration from the Spanish government. …”

I never have quite understood the whole Father Coughlin thing in the depression era except that the Canadian priest had such a powerful media grip through radio on the American people and the love of Germany and Spain and Italy as fascist regimes along with anti-Semitism was a growing political threat to FDR and that the Boston wing of the American Catholic church through Joe Kennedy on behalf of FDR had Coughlin silenced through then Bishop Spellman and through then Cardinal Pacelli (later Pius XII) and his intervention via the Vatican in that silencing.

That in all the writings of I have seen, you see the fascism part of the Catholic Right in America, the emphasis of the love of fascism was also a means to confront the Reds and or Communist movement in Europe and in America.

Now that Communism is a threat to no one, the Right Wing of the Catholic Church in America serves up love of fascism as nostalgia and or support of pure anti-human market place capitalism.

I see that the Boston wing may have silenced Coughlin but the Philly wing under Cardinal Dougherty and via the Archdiocesan Newspaper and Msgr. Hawk’s pro-Franco, pro-fascist weekly column, that not all regions of the US RCC always acts in unison.

I also find it strange how the fascist saints of Saint Joan of Arc and Saint Thomas More got resurrected in the 1920s and continue to this day as coded symbols in the advancement of power at the ultimate expense of humanity.

That and the Knights of Columbus involved in right wing politics in the 1930s continues all the way to today.



Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Don Draper has Issues – America’s Favorite Nostalgic Ideal Alpha Male

The whole thing on first glance is that the Cable soap opera Mad Men is about the last time anything used to make sense in America, not that it did make sense but it looks back at a time when few questioned the cultural flow of the 1960s.

The 60s in America were explosive and game changing culturally speaking. Bay of Pigs, Cuban Missile Crisis, JFK Assassination, Civil Rights, Vietnam were the real live explosives of that time. An island of seeming reality and stability in a Madison Avenue Advertising Agency and its evolution to big success in the future – now – is found perhaps in the series Mad Men. 

A manly man male flick series? What did they used to call men like Gary Cooper and Clark Gable – "a man’s man" – whatever that really meant or connoted at the times when those movie stars ruled the screen.

I saw one of my grade school buddies on Facebook announcing the season premiere of Mad Men recently and since I never watched it before; I caught a bunch or half a dozen old episodes on demand and dug in. The really boxy minimalist offices in boxy glass skyscrapers are not the art in this guy flick as opposed to a chick flick art kind of thing.

I wanted to know why Draper was suddenly a hot item in the press.  In anticipation of that new sixth season, Jon Hamm’s “junk” in his business suits got touted in the press. He was described in his dress as going “Commando” (sans underwear) in those modern press releases. 

So I guess Jon Hamm aka Don Draper has sex appeal and the series is also a chick flick on some tier level of perception. All I can say is what Hamm or Draper saves in the cost of boxers or tighty whiteys he must more than make up for in dry cleaning expensive business suits and or their trousers.

It is interesting how we project backward what is considered sexy today onto what was sexy then. 

I can only imagine that Draper’s appeal now is something of a throwback, a Neanderthal throwback to cave men. The “Me Tarzan – You Jane” jungle magnetism found in romance novels of brute force taking his woman every time has it appeals and fantasy charms for some of older generations.

Aside from the monkey suits that business men used to wear all the time before California invented Silicon Valley Friday or Casual Friday five business days a week.  Before then, men in the sixties wore white underwear under white long sleeve shirts, drab thin ties and gray business suits. 

About the only real sexuality of Don Draper in the Drab male fashion of the 1960s is his slicked back Brylcreem tightly cropped haircut. Allusions to the ghost of Ronny Reagan I think here for the nostalgia hungry white male looking to the past for some reinforcement and justification for the all white male patriarchal society that ruled all the way up until the sixties but certainly not in this present virtual age.

Indeed slight flashes of the past creep in to the script by means of newspaper headlines or newsmen on black and white televisions in the executive offices of an Ad agency.  

A lot of good historical background in this series. Done I think to give credibility to the cardboard cliche characters of an imagined idealized cardboard Camelot Advertising industry thing back then.

That somewhere between Tom Rath, the PR guy in the Man In the Gray Flannel Suit and Darren Stevens on Bewitched is an advertising dude of Don Draper who must honcho everybody, the corporate sponsors wanting to sell their glitch, the creators / idea men and the art department making up the final story boards and put them all satisfactorily into the same corral for the night and the 9:15 P.M. showing of the Impala commercial on Bonanza.

Don Draper is I think a white collar version of the rugged individualistic Marlboro Man. (God knows Don smokes like a chimney and self-medicates (drowns) with Canadian Club Whiskey.)

That is how real men used to be that came out of WWII or Korea. No delayed stress syndrome for real American men.  They did what men had to do and got on with it in life with the aid of cigarettes and booze. And not drugs like those unwashed hippies.

Don Draper must gage tastes, wants, desires, goals and package things for his clients as some sort of white collar pimp of sorts working in a sterile office work place. He must also sometimes define what you want or more than likely invent and convince you what you want as a consumer and with your new found unlimited power of plastic credit from the 1960s.

When I see the actor Jon Hamm in this showcase drama of Mad Men, I think of the line by the American poet E.E.Cummings “Jesus, he was a handsome man” in a poem referring to the showman Buffalo Bill. 

In a way the original concept of show business from P.T. Barnum was more along the lines of a Don Draper and an Ad Agency in the nineteenth century of such a concept as opposed to the stage and cinema label of show business as we now associate those two words exclusively with.

All the world is a stage btw especially for ad men.

Draper is definitely an alpha male. He is what so many men want to be or at least the illusion of it all. The handsome part puts him at the top of the heap of his generation clawing away at the so-called American success thing.  

Alpha male is a term probably an anthropologist like Margaret Mead was familiar with in 1960-69. Nobody else would have known the term. Alpha male is now a mainstream meme and pundit fodder word usage thing etc.

As a man earning a living on Madison Avenue where so many of the old ad agencies used to congregate comes the name of the show Mad Men. And if I had to work a sixty to eighty hour a week job trying to be creative and appealing to clients and commuting to the bedroom suburbs where a stay at home mom and the average three and one half kids were the reason for a big mortgage and a long commute on Metro North or the LI RR every grinding day of every grinding week, and kissing your boss’ butt to keep that job and mortgage based social bubble viable, then so be it – the American male success formula(?).

In the few episodes I have seen, Don Draper with his stone face Korean War Army officer charisma is suddenly falling apart internally, getting flashbacks and screwing more women than usual. 

Adultery was not a sin in the 60s if you were discreet and did not get caught etc. Don looks like he headed for a second failed marriage. Don Draper has issues. Issues with women. Issues with success. Issues with trying to keep the series going another season.

Issues then. Issues now.  

Enjoy the mental morphine entertainment of Mad Men.



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Lamentation for a Country that Once Was Great - Decline of America

I personally date the decline of the quality of life in America to about 1960 or about the same time as the rise of the plastic credit card. After that date, you had to call up your relatives to see if they would be home on Sunday afternoon for a visit or more than likely they would be out in their brand new Chevy bought on credit and shopping across the river in Jersey at the brand new Cherry Hill Mall. lol



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Cardinal Dolan’s Report Card After Four Years on the Job - From a Local Devout Native New Yorker

"...constantly guffawing and cackling like
some backslapping, red-faced Irish ward heeler..."

Now, after 4 years of Dolan (how time flies!) I think we can say that this man's record has been an unmitigated disaster for the Faith in New York.

Incredibly, Dolan has a reputation as a "conservative" and for some bizarre reason was even touted as papabile at the Conclave. I suppose mere words are enough to get a man a good reputation in the Church these days for Dolan to be considered any sort of orthodox prelate, let alone worthy of sitting in the Chair of St. Peter.

I am unaware of anything the man has done to warrant such popularity and esteem except for constantly guffawing and cackling like some backslapping, red-faced Irish ward heeler. 

No, rather he has undermined the Faith here at every turn. As evidence:

like several previous Cardinals here, he has been enthusiastic about playing ecumenical games by going to seders and engaging in interfaith prayer services, thereby denigrating the uniqueness of our Faith and spreading indifferentism among the Faithful.

he publicly applauded the gay pride group at the openly gay parish of St. Francis Xavier in Manhattan.

he scandalously invited Barack Obama to the Al Smith dinner at the same time as this baby-murdering Nero was plotting to abolish religious freedom and force the Church to offer birth control to its employees.

worst of all, except for writing a blog post and giving an interview to an Albany radio show, he did absolutely nothing to fight against the passage of gay marriage in NY State. 

When it was all over, he didn't excommunicate the politicians who voted for this abomination; he didn't even say a word about it from the pulpit.

He did, however, write a blog post in which he apologized to gays who might have been offended by the Church's position against gay marriage!

even though the Catholic school closings aren't his fault, he has come up with no alternative solution and has axed them with the alacrity of a Bolshevik Commissar.

he has never spoken out about anything of consequence, or at least not in any way that would suggest to his listeners that he expects them to do anything or that he is going to do anything about it. 

Denounce abortion? Sure, why not? Words are cheap. Refuse Communion to pro-abortion politicians or even excommunicate them? Oh my! That would be scary! What does his new evangelization look like? Fiery preaching? Public protests? Letter-writing campaigns? A renewal of Catholic devotional life? No. 

We've seen felt banners with banal slogans hung from church doors. His episcopacy has been one, long, demotivational exercise in cowardice and compromise.


Bill Donohue at Catholic League Yells Foul on George Bush’s IRS Investigating Catholic League Tax Free Assets – Pot calling Kettle Gold

Tax Free - Pigs in Mud Cake and Eat It Too 

Bill Donohue’s unpaid intern must have quit. 

He is bitching about Obama by way of the magic “evil” name George Soros who supposedly commanded the IRS to target the Catholic League during the Bush Administration.  

Paranoia knows no bounds when Bill is desperate for a ghost writer to operate his sole office IBM Selectric typewriter and no temp in sight.  

He even now quotes links to red neck Tea Bagger Party articles with advertisements about investing in gold against the impending end of the world in America.  

The fascist article along with comments, not allowed in Donohue’s usual Catholic League fare, and along with the usual veiled racist and anti-Semitic remarks you would find in such a right wing article.


From the Catholic League’s 2011 Tax Free Filing

Tax Year 2011

Contributions  - $3,040,171

Investment Income - $558,074

Grants and Similar Amounts - $502,890

Total Net Assets - $29,386,673

Salaries - $1,288,080

List of states requiring a copy of Form 990 for filing – NY VA NJ WI CA CT MA PA MN IL 

( Not all key gay marriage states but surprisingly the year before a national election, states critical to the election of a president. )


President Bill Donohue – $374,500 + $54,678 = $429,178

Vice President Bernadette Brady - $192,600 + $29,257 = $221,857

Leaving $637,045 salaries for people not listed on the IRS form. 

They have paid staff besides the interns and volunteer seminarians stuffing the contribution appeal letters into envelopes?

Occupancy (rent 450 Seventh Ave.) - $267,967

Other Investments and Securities –

Christian Brothers Investments - $27,712,300

United Parcel Service - $1,228,443

Covidien $3,434

Grants –

Institute for Advanced Catholic Studies zip 90089 - $400,000



Mayor Bloomberg of NYC – Close the Universities – Lower My Taxes – Fix My Toilet

Mike Bloomberg - Whining Mayor of NYC

Nanny / Yenta Mayor Mikey Bloomberg of the New York City wants your mediocre kids to consider skipping college and student loan debts and to become a plumber to fix his toilet.

Close the Universities. Lower my taxes. If everybody becomes a plumber, the glut in supply and demand in that profession will put a plumber’s salary at 50 cents per hour, just where a cheap chiseler like Mike Bloomberg with his 27 billion dollar (I earned it myself!) fortune thinks all low life in his city should be paid – next to nothing or nothing at all.

Just what he thinks people are worth supplying him with the necessities of life in his Beaux Arts Mansion on the upper east side? God forbid the man lower himself and live in a Colonial era wooden farmhouse aka Gracie Mansion paid for by the taxpayers, the once official mayor’s residence.

Mediocre is as mediocre does. Mike and his sheepskin from Johns Hopkins University did pretty good for a mediocre boy from NY to become one of the Masters of the Universe that now rules this planet.

All future opportunities for youth in America are now officially over! Owned by Bloomy and the Koch Brothers etc. ?

Thank God there it is only seven months until his retirement as nanny yenta mayor on January 1. No fourth term FDR MRB!

Maybe then he can retire to his plantation in some fourth world country and preach to his dozens of servants on the evils of taking / stealing Massa’s ten cents an hour salary.  Lol


Who Really Wrote Shakespeare? Trevor Nunn and Mark Rylance Parley with Words and Ideas

My muse led me many places recently on a research trip regarding Shakespeare and his plays.

Suppose a future archeologists in five hundred years come across a DVD collection of cartoons among ruins, mostly Disney stuff, and in the beginning phase of understanding of the cartoon genre, where Snow White, Cinderella, Fantasia get lumped together with Shrek and other minor works like Popeye the Sailor and Bugs Bunny and let’s not forget Daffy Duck.

The burning questions of scholars in the future, not familiar with cartoons for hundreds of years since the collapse of civilization in the late 21st century might be – Who really wrote Disney? – this body of cartoonic art and entertainment.

That is a good question. Over time, analysis and opinion will render no definitive answer unless someone digs up a download on DVD of Wikipedia on the topic of Cinema of ancient mankind.

In a certain niche capacity for comparison, Walt Disney had over 650 credits for producer, 125 credits as actor, mostly as a voice, and 11 credits as writer.

That more than anything, Disney is manager, Disney is Producer. He is author of the finished work whether his ideas were ever actually written down on paper on in a word processor etc.

Ben Jonson in the First Folio names William Shakespeare as author of the works in that folio. For lack of a better word or understanding of the times, author is as good a word as any in a limited lexicon.

If anything I believe that Shakespeare started out holding a spear in the background of some obscure theatre of the late Elizabethan period. He also depending on his youthful build and stance played some female roles in theatre, when it was illegal for anybody but men to act upon a stage.

I think that being in a female role or a usual spear holding minor supporting role would give a young actor a unique vantage point along with a lyric ear or a good memory for an instant or long standing analysis of the best actors on stage in what he saw up close and personal both on stage and behind stage as well.

And there are the teaching moments where a good actor or manager or producer gives valuable tips on how to improve the delivery of the product.

That Shakespeare’s last will and testament does not make mention of the plays is reflected more in the lack of the concept of copyright laws equal to assets or creative abstract property, an idea that did not take hold until the Victorian age.

That if you have the experience of Bill Shakespeare, how do you leave your knowledge and experience in a will to heirs that have no use of it or understand it. That to produce and make a play, gather the actors, rent the theatre, make the costumes, hire the writer or writers, re-writers, is the person who will make the hog’s share of the money take from the box office along with credit for the whole of the production and or performance.

That and I have to think that in a time with expensive paper that much of what was in the portfolio was likely put down on paper for the first time from the oral tradition of some actors, some of whom may not have been able to read and write that well.

And over time, the memory of lines might mutate or even improve with the input of newer younger actors talking the same lines and delivering them in a way that gets reaction from an audience every time they are delivered. That and the lyric ear of an actor who may actually change and add great beauty to the existing lines and as finally recorded.

I cannot help but think how the King James Bible of the same age was a work of dozens of translators and theologians but it is packaged under the title and or authorship? of King James.

An excellent article here below citing a debate of sorts between director Trevor Nunn and actor Mark Rylance on who really wrote one part of Shakespeare.