Saturday, August 25, 2012

An American tragedy. Downsizing. Unemployment. Anger. Revenge? Insanity? Suicide by Cops?

I am surprised that there was not more collateral damage to bystanders in terms of the cops going into top fifth gear in reaction to a killing on a sidewalk across the street from the Empire State Building.  Considering the density of the space, time of day, crowds, traffic and the stone, concrete and granite present, ricocheting bullets are a believable scenario. Glad I wasn’t there.

53-year-old Jeffrey T. Johnson has been identified as the gunman who opened fire at the Empire State Building Friday morning, shooting and wounding 9 people, and killing his former co-worker, before being gunned down himself by police ...
Jeffrey awoke alone Friday in his upper East Side apartment, put on his gray suit and grabbed his briefcase. On his way out the door, promptly at 7:30 a.m., Johnson said hello to the building’s super. 
Neighbors described Johnson as a loner who bought the same takeout meal each day at a McDonald’s near his home — and then dined alone in his room. 
Other than an occasional pop-in by his mother, Johnson never welcomed any guests to the simple apartment. 
Here are a few things you need to know about what happened when Johnson opened fired yesterday morning:   
-Johnson used a 45 semi-automatic caliber handgun.-He worked at Hazan Imports, a women's accessories design line, for 6 years.-Johnson was laid off a year ago due to downsizing.-Johnson shot his former co-worker, a 41-year-old named Steven Ercolino, in the head in front of the office building at 10 W 33rd street. Ercolino had been the Vice President of Sales at Hazan Import Corp. since December 2005.-After Johnson shot his former colleague, a construction worker followed him, then spoke to police nearby. Johnson turned his .45-caliber pistol on officers and they returned fire. Johnson was shot and killed by police.

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Cardinal Dolan's Prayer for the 1% GOP Convention

My fellow Angry White Males
Let us Pray 
For dear fellow One Percenter Mitt
And One Percenter Paul
Whom God has chosen to bless
With lots of PAC cash and
To lead us forward
Out of the darkness caused 
By you know who 
In the White House
(pause for boo-s, house noise)
Restore our Nation
Restore Religious Freedom
So savagely ripped from our 
Christian breasts by the 
Godless Pro-Choice crowd
And…(pause for applause)

(of) politics and fraud—
We’ve made a pretty mess at home,
Let’s make a mess abroad.
And let us ever humbly pray
The Lord of Hosts may deign
To stir our feeble memories
Lest we forget—the Maine.
Take up the White’s Man’s burden.
To you who thus succeed
In civilizing savage hordes,
They owe a debt, indeed;
Concessions, pensions, salaries,
And privilege and right
With outstretched hands you raised to bless
Grab everything in sight.
Take up the White Man’s burden
And if you write in verse,
Flatter your nation’s vices
And strive to make them worse.
Then learn that if with pious words
You ornament each phrase,
In a world of canting hypocrites (like me)
This kind of business pays.


Devil's Dictionary (Revised) - Ambrose Bierce - Definition of Ayn-Ryan Catholicism

Ayn-Ryan Catholicism: 
When Ayn Rand meets Paul Ryan and a socially engineered miracle occurs, demanding a new rewrite of Jesus’s Infamous Sermon at the Mall – “Blessed are the Rich cause they gots, gots, gots bling, bling, bling.” – (with an implied non-verbal subtext of “F*ck 'you' poor little 'people'. Why don’t you just go away and die?”)


Burning Man Festival - Black Rock Nevada

Repeat of some images from an earlier piece on the Burning Man Festival about to get underway in Nevada.

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