Monday, October 31, 2011

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Splainin Your Life in 50 Words or Less – the new global culture

We just hit the 7 billion mark on the planet’s population thing.  A lot of articles on it on the Internet.  I did not read one of them.  Why?  I really don’t give a shit.
This global culture thing that I have been exploring and writing about these past few years does not exist.  No doubt the environment of earth will collapse with another half dozen billion gobbling, consuming, shitting assholes on it.  I don’t care.  I will be long dead.
I used to care.  I used to think that other people cared. 
But with no disrespect to Facebook or the Internet or gold plated tin gods like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, the only thing the planet cares about in terms of my existence is name, serial number and photo.  And please describe yourself, your life, your dreams, your aspirations, fears, tears and cheers in fifty words or less in the box beneath your name, serial number and photo.
I am over the word limit.  Red marker.  Does not compute. Fuck you robot computer data base, the new god of us all!
(word count inclusive up to Amen – 184)
Mark me down as a rugged individualist, a trouble maker, anarchist, or just another asshole, one of 7 billion, on planet earth.
DO NOT HAVE A NICE DAY. Do not pass Go.  Do not collect $200.  If I have to splain – don’t ask – I ain’t tellin.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

National Morality Tax on Abortion – National American Identity Card – Proposed Lori/Franks Bill

(tax stamp)
The assault on Religious Freedom, Religious Liberty, Religious Safety or whatever else as it is called or might be called in the future; I propose a balancing act, a means to pay for the madness.
All this whining and paranoia in the media about the secular reality intruding with sunshine onto the dark shadow lands of superstition “I want a free lunch on the Government’s dime” religious groups, NPOs and tax free religious agenda think tanks/poll enablers, here is a compromise.
Since what these religions want is for the government to control the inmates in their own share of Bedlam turf, I propose a morality tax kickback to the government in return for their sponsorship of the envisioned (by me) Congressman Trent Franks of Arizona legislation to design and execute the new American National Identity Card.
On that proposed National Identity Card is already a designated spot for Country of Birth.  Next to the spaces for RACE of yourself, your parents and your grandparents, I propose a place for one’s Religion.  Actually two spots.  One for Religion at Birth and one for Current Religion.  This is after all necessary to divvy up this new morality tax sharing with the States.
So the next time an abortion is found out, spied on, reported by the stalking public citizen safety committees on morality, about a disloyal American citizen, a Vagina Terrorist, all assets of that individual will be confiscated and returned to the state for the costs of healthcare, incarceration for this person to be examined and also to be sterilized so that she can never have another abortion ever.  Sounds reasonable. Right?  
Hate the Sin. Forgive the Sinner. Prevent the future Sin (medically). Amen
It is for the woman’s own good that she never sin against the Christian god again and or the Roman Catholic Church or the Baptists god, Mormons god etc.
Now here comes the good part.  Since this sinning worthless piece of shit female has found an abortion place somewhere here or Canada or Mexico, I propose a million dollar tax kickback to the government from the churches that did not teach her properly on her morality and civic duty according to her religion.
If she is both born and currently Roman Catholic, the RC church must be fined a full $ 1 million morality tax fine so in order to pay for the government and its vast bureaucracy to police American life, media and privacy looking for people attacking Roman Catholic Freedom, Liberty, Safety or whatnot.
Here is the fair part of the Proposed Lori/Franks Bill of Public Religious safety that includes the new national identity card and DNA sample.  If the sinner was born a Catholic and is now a Baptist, the million dollar government fine is split between the two offending teaching institutions of morality for not indoctrinating their members properly.  You’ve got to be properly taught.
It is only fair that the funding for witch hunts and making everybody else in America conform to Catholic Sharia law help defray expenses in this protecting of the Racket church business in America. But you Baptists and Mormons, don’t get paranoid about the Catholic Sharia Law thing.  The country on the map will have designated Sharia Primary Law areas or turfs.  Utah, Nevada and parts of California, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Idaho with be Mormon Sharia primary turf. 
Baptist Sharia Law territory is all across the old Confederacy.  The Catholics have the Northeast, Midwest and all other parts west are up for grabs, bid and or compromise negotiated for said disputed turf. It’s a definite Win Win for religious institutions.
With a new national flat income tax 999 (666), the churches will also be entitled to more tax breaks, a flat payout from the treasury to salaries for clerics, church building projects, schools, nursing homes, hospitals, Religiously owned or shareholder controlled Healthcare Insurance Companies and any other related church business, factories, warehouses, import-export, or banking entities.
There are those who say that the American Church businesses and rackets have got it pretty good right now and should just leave well enough alone.  Why get greedy-greedier?  I say - Go for it boys!  All or Nothing!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Defining Terms - ChristoFascism - ProLife - Bishop Lori - Trent Franks

Bishop Inquisitor Bill Lori of Connecticut testified before a sweetheart congressional committee to describe the erosion of “religious freedom” caused by Obama and his department of HHS etc.

Bishop to Congress: Religious freedom subject to 'rapid erosion'

Among the policies and laws Lori singled out were:
  • A U.S. Department of Health and Human Services mandate that health insurance plans cover contraceptives and sterilization as "preventative services" in health care plans.
  • A new requirement from the same department that government contracts to those who provide services to victims of human trafficking only go to those that provide contraceptive and abortion services. Lori says that requirement assures that the bishops' Migration and Refugee Services "will be barred from participation in the program."…
  •  Among the bills Lori said Congress should pass are the "Protect Life Act," which passed the House on Oct. 13, and the "Respect for Rights of Conscience Act."
  • The "Protect Life Act" would prohibit women covered under the health care reform law from buying health insurance plans that cover abortion and would make it legal for hospitals to deny abortions to pregnant women with life-threatening conditions. The "Respect for Rights of Conscience Act" would allow certain religiously affiliated institutions to opt out of other coverage requirements in the reform bill.
Follow the money.  If you want to destroy the power of these gay bashing, vagina hating, pedophile enabling money men, the pro-life bishops, don’t call them what they want to be called “Pro-Life” – what life, they are more like criminals than holy men. 
Don’t confuse terms.  Christo fascism accurately describes the ongoing crime of Bishops in bed with Big Money and Corporations, a term I think that might confuse the public. A new user friendly term to help enlighten the public is needed to shed light on these covert crimes involving gross conflicts of interest combining politics, religion and unregulated greed. 
They, Big Money and Corporations, control the media and they want to confuse us.   Presently they seem to be interchanging two terms Religious Freedom or Religious Liberty looking for the perfect final sell, marketing term, to push this new culture war idea. Power is the name of the game - not Religion - freedom and liberty are merely just add-on chump words I believe. Think about it, especially the next time the media throws these mind game words/terms at you.
The big money boys and politicos did the same thing with the terms Climate Change vs. Global Warming.  I am still confused. Not really, but it took a long time for me to focus on the heart of the problem.  Now it is too late I fear regarding that likely doomsday scenario. Whatever.
Am waiting to see what official title Tim Dolan finally chooses for this new emergency profits for the Health Care Industrial Complex ad hoc committee and at what point in the 2012 election produces that final term as a code word for non-truth. This new USCCB committee - on Religious Safety (my term) was recently formed.

Follow the money.

Lori was not testifying about religion.  He actually was mostly testifying about medical procedures in front of Rep. Franks of Arizona, a freakin Evan Mecham appointee, hack toadie - Racist Evan Mecham, such a failed Arizona Governor that even the Rednecks cheered when they impeached his sorry ass out of Phoenix - for Christ’s sake! - and Trent Franks, oil man and shill for a half dozen money laundering non-profit right wing political think tanks and ignorance enabling culture war agenda groups.

Back to Lori, Bishop in the Health Insurance Headquarter Capital of the Universe / Connecticut…follow the money?
Anybody notice how some Prostate screening tests are being discounted recently by Federal Committees and will soon disappear or how women “don’t need” so many Mammograms as announced by Federal Committees­ etc.?  Follow the money.
Follow the money.  Indict some, many more “pro-life” crooks, religious and secular, under R.I.C.O. laws. 
Have a nice day.

Abortion and Pat Buchanan’s White Christian Army

Pat Buchanan of the cable MSNBC hate network, owned by Comcast, is an old man, aged 73, who laments the lost dreams of his youth, of that Fascist Government that has yet to be installed in Washington DC, of statues of General Franco to be erected on the Mall, or the sad fact that the old South has not been restored into a white man’s only paradise.
Pat is a regular on the Morning Joe show, which IMHO is a mishmash of moron conservative talking heads, with one token blonde female added as local color and contrast.  Every time the token female opens her mouth, she is promptly put back in her place as local color and contrast.  She does her acting job well, playing the submissive house wife to Joe, with that entire barefoot and pregnant attitude while still being sexy wearing her stilettoes.  I think she claims to be a journalist.  Like her peers over at Fox News, all Journalists in America used to be Journalists.  Whatever.
Pat is also a built into the set regular on the weekly syndicated, Vatican approved, The McLaughlin Group. It is like a useless, drooling, nursing home pundit commentary show on the PC for GOP matters, going back to the days when the GOP actually still had PC and cloth coats.  The McLaughlin Group has fascist corporate funding so it is still on the air forever even though it jumped the shark way with the living public back around 1986.
Pat is being criticized for publicly lamenting the demise of the White Majority in the United States by 2041.  He is making the rounds of hate radio selling yet another version of all his similar themed books which all can easily be categorized with a symbolic title like “There Is No Reason Why the Germans Should Have Lost World War Two!” or something to that effect.

The old man is going off and I have heard old men with Alzheimer’s repeat the long term memory things which is what I think Pat Buchanan is doing just about now before he is forced to retire.
The link at the bottom reads more like an op/ed from a rural Mississippi paper in the 20s” but then again everybody is a critic or pundit these days. Here is the least offensive part of his racist rant: 
“…When Texas, where two-thirds of the newborns and half the schoolchildren are Hispanic, goes the way of California, it is the end for the GOP. Arizona, Colorado and Nevada, also critical to any victorious GOP coalition, are Hispanicizing as rapidly as Texas.
In every presidential election since Bush I in 1992, Hispanics have given 60-70 percent of their votes to the Democratic ticket.
For Hispanics, largely poor and working class, are beneficiaries of a cornucopia of government goods -- from free education to food stamps to free health care. Few pay federal income taxes.
Why would they not vote for the Party of Government?...
Can Western civilization survive the passing of the European peoples whose ancestors created it and their replacement by Third World immigrants? Probably not, for the new arrivals seem uninterested in preserving the old culture they have found…”

Pat ran as President as an independent in 2000 where he got less than 1% of the vote, just ahead of “Mickey Mouse” and “None of the Above”.
He did some hack Martin Bormann (who?) type kiss ass job in the Nixon regime.  In fact he was the only person in the White House that did not know the deal about Watergate.  That is how far out of the loop he was in that kiss ass, boot licking job in his glory days.  
(And that is the nicest thing anybody can really say about him ever and no doubt it or something like it will be carved on his gravestone: - “Watergate? What’s that?” - “Yes Mr. President”. - “Deep Throat? That was a great movie sir – real artfully and tastefully done.” - And let’s not forget his daily WH mantra “That is real cream in the coffee I brought you sir.” Or - “Huh? I told you guys, I ain’t queer!”)
If I could put a type on Pat Buchanan if he were a type, I, at least, can picture him in a collar and cassock and he reminds me of the type of priest in high school I would have to constantly avoid and was afraid of being raped by.  Whatever.  That is my phobia, not yours.  But just to say…watch your back and your butt anyway.  (Pat is RC)
Getting back to the long term dreams of Pat and his crowd as they have discussed the future American Reich while sucking on tax payer expensed bourbon over the decades with right wing lobbyists in DC restaurants or over at the DC Papal Nuncio’s Palace - there is this need to produce more white people and the only way you can raise the zombie South or make Roman Catholicism the official faith of the United States is to stop all abortions and birth control in America. 
Why? To raise a master white race army to rule in America again?  Take back “our” country.  Having an African descent President in the White House has sent shock waves into the delusional safe world of the white race in America all the way from Alabama to Montgomery County Pennsylvania.
But that does not make any sense.  I have often wondered why they don’t want abortions for the poor with all this recent GOP and southern anti/women, anti/vagina legislation.

Government may too big for social services but somebody has got to tell these stupid white fucks that is it time to man up and woman up and procreate just like God and the RC church say so. 
Won’t that increase the population of the racially inferior people as Pat Buchanan obviously sees them? 
No. That’s what the border fence issue is all about.  Keeping them out.  Sending them back too.  Right?
And the other minorities left in America? Somebody has got to dig the latrines for the White Man’s Corporate Army or be nannies and house maids to the Mutterkreuz moms.  Just like before Truman started all this integration bullshit with the military way back when.
Anyway, in Pat’s mind you got to go back to basics, like the Mormons and bang out soldiers, soldiers, soldiers to keep the apartheid side of town or heaven pure. Defense of Marriage Act has got to be amended to define marriage as being only between one white man and at least four white women.  Not quite Catholic sharia law but the Mormons will gladly secretly pay cold hard tax-free cash for that kind of constitutional amendment. 
The Nazis and the French in the thirties before WWII gave out medals to women for banging out soldiers for France and or Germany.  The German Medal was called the Mutterkreuz, pictured above w/o the evil center symbol, the twisted cross.  The medal was given out in three orders:  Bronze, four kids or more, Silver, six or more, Gold, eight or more.
Good luck with that Pat.  Good luck in your upcoming retirement too.
He should retire and play with the thousands of Frederick the Great and Wehrmacht lead soldiers rumored to be in the basement in his house across the street from the CIA, next door to Dick Cheney's new McMansion. He and Dick can play together.
Nice. Nice. Boys. 

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Dying City of Tokyo Japan – Thanks Nuclear Power Industry

Got this from the Occupy Osaka Facebook page. Thank you Osaka.

Experts: Fukushima ‘Worse’ Than Chernobyl -Tokyo Evacuation Can No Longer Be Ingored:

Experts warn the need to evacuate Tokyo can no longer be ignored after radioactive hotspots higher than Chernobyl evacuation limits have been discovered across the city…”

Part of above story:


My seeming obsession with RC clergy abuse

October 19, 2011 C.E. – Bishop Finn Must Go – Facebook page.

(before they delete that Facebook page, some excerpts in a nut shell why this blog, blogger, sometimes seems to be overly fixated on the dirty secret of the “celibate but not chaste” RC clergy and their ongoing delusional denial about all things sexual – and or that religion’s ongoing thousand year plus repression of God’s gift to humanity called sexuality.)

“I am coming out here. I am an indirect victim of child abuse, of a sibling, by clergy. I can say that secrecy, fear and being afraid of making things right in the RC church destroyed my family. I am collateral damage of the hidden sins of the clergy. I have suffered. While Bishop Finn may only be guilty of being insensitive to the needs of children, he is a reflection of poor judgment and mismanagement. In a real business, his would have been shown the door a long time ago. In my opinion, take back your diocese. Change the management. If you all can forgive him and live with him, he is your problem. Watch your backs. He won't. Are your Children safe? That is the only important question here."

"Thank you David. My path to closure and forgiveness has been an ongoing process for over forty years ago. That was another lifetime ago. I have my own life and family situation now. It takes a lot to forgive. You cannot forget. It is this, these recent abuse cases and the cavalier manner that the hierarchy seems to ignore the problem, throws money at it and says that it is all over that has brought this to the surface to me and to openly admit what I have long known. I have been blogging for some time about child abuse, inspired and or encouraged by a lay minister who tends to the needs of men in prison, most of whom he thinks were molested as children, though not necessarily by clergy. The RC hierarchy needs a wholistic honest approach to healing regarding this very real problem in their midst. I don't see this problem going away ever the way the bishops are handling it.”


Occupy Osaka - October 12, 2011 C.E.

“If they really want to protect their children they would do well to get them out of the Catholic Church it is not only a bastian for child molestors but the basic philosophy is abusive to the human psyche.”

(The only Occupy site worldwide that I contacted that cared enough to make a meaningful reply to a request for solidarity regarding the failed CEO practices of Bishop Finn and his posse of pervert protector-enablers in the Chancellery.)


Have a nice day. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

American Education Ain’t Worth Jack Shit

The way the godless money men and women have commoditized education in this country, it is now out of reach of the common man, even with a gazillion student loans.  Considering all the college grads that I have trained over the years, the youngest ones that have spent the most money on their education seem to be the stupidest.

I say stupid because somewhere along the timeline the myth that college taught truth and or knowledge got wrapped up with the value of bundled mortgage securities and the like.

My most cynical line over the years has been that if Harvard could teach you anything worth knowing in life, they could charge you $250,000 a credit.  Well they still cannot teach common sense, Jack Shit to be honest, but the academic whores at Harvard are close to charging that $250,000 a credit for their stamp, imprimatur class of ediocation.

It is not to say than some kids with college degrees these days are not intelligent.  But do they know where Belgium is? Do they know who engaged in the American Civil War?  Or more importantly why? Do they know if blue is green?  Huh?

I have seen my son’s college text books.  The books, the paperbacks cost hundreds of dollars.  The shit in them is changed every six months like a 1990s personal computer.  The flavor of the month history, political science (they don’t call it that anymore) and literature is more geared toward some as yet to be revealed unknown political agenda. 

Is it actually an education agenda intertwined with the Publishing Industrial Complex that gets their bribes and inflated kickbacks from the Universities to enslave these poor kids in eternal debt. And worse than that, the books are printed in freakin China no less.

Of course, colleges can teach professions.  Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants to name a few. But all this other stuff seems more like bullshit than education.

And the little tin gods who run departments with triple degrees in bullshit are the morons in charge of the top end of this education morass.

I don’t like the thought of home schooling mostly because on that end of the spectrum, they only seem to just want to teach Jesus and dinosaur husbandry.  But looking at the idiots, the educationists, I have had to deal with through the years trying to get a learning disabled child to conform to their totalitarian world view for testing and learning conformity and turning young minds into cookie cutter robots in life, I can see why this country is so fucked up across the board.

There was a time when college was for people who wanted to be ministers or doctors or chemists.  And the son of the factory owner killed time there on his way to inheriting the factory - the only true formula to American success.  Back then on a small scale it was a necessary evil.

But who has ever proven that a college degree from an Ivy League college meant anything in terms of intelligence.  Look at George Bush as a sad example of how money can buy a degree at Yale and Harvard and not produce an improvement in personal intelligence or incremental increase in benefit to society.

To all the baby boomers that sat in classrooms and conformed and got a sheepskin on a wall to get an above average salaried job, those glory hole days are over.  If these young kids want to make a living, they've
got to hustle the old fashioned way, show some sweat, and not sit around running up student loan debt hoping the jobs are going to magically reappear from India or China.

In other words, get a life.  Start a factory, sell something, and create something other than a video game.  The future belongs to the people with common sense, old fashioned horse sense or as I sometimes call it Farm Sense.

Farm Sense means that if you don’t make the hay, don’t feed the cow or the pig, you starve to death.  That is where America is headed I fear.

I know Obama looks good in his $3500 suits and I saw him on Leno last night. He has all the right degrees etc.  But he won the lottery in life a long time ago.  He was the right poise, the right perfect PC brain dead language that sounds like a perfect delivery of a Ronny Reagan news conference script written by his keepers. 

His recent pandering to help students with student loan debt makes him just another tool of the Man.  Don’t be fooled.  A used car salesman in a $3500 suit is still just a used car salesman.  (Look under the hood.)

Don’t believe the myth that you can buy into the privileged silver spoon class with the right education.  Some can win that lottery, like one in a million.  Truth is - only the children of the rich who go to Ivy League schools, whose parents and grandparents went there as well, are guaranteed a country club crony place on the board room table of a bank or a brokerage house or partnership in a Wall Street law firm.
The rest of you are just education fodder ground up and spit out by the Education/Publishing Industrial (For Profit only) Industrial Complex and charged an arm, a leg and an asshole for the privilege.

Get a life.  Create your own job. Don’t waste time instutionalized in an American university where your intelligence and ambition will get turned into, useless in real life, educated mush.

If you must get a higher education – learn some languages - go overseas or abroad.  America’s time has come and gone.  Good luck.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Queensland - Rainforest

“Joe the Pope” and his Dysfunctional Crime Family aka The Bishops

Since I am following a number of events in the Catholic Dysfunctional Church of late, here is a mixed bag of thoughts, facts, observations and opinion.

What strikes me is the passivity of the Laity to these bishop overseers.  That in the Kansas City case, this Father Ratigan was allowed to run around and still be exposed to children and manage to snap nude (semi-nude actually Bill Donohue, that doesn’t count. Right?) pictures of little girls apparently right under the noses of their parents.  

There is of course one parental law suit where all the sordid details paint the picture of a totally heartless, willfully blind Bishop Finn, once on a fast track to a red hat.

I say heartless, meaning he doesn’t have a heart.  He went into the seminary at age 12 and has no social skills.  A female principal at St. Patrick’s school hand delivered her letter of warning (CYA letter) to the chancellery one full year before the civil authorities had to step in to protect these children from Father Ratigan.  That a female principal’s alarm did not apparently register anything in Finn’s eunuch brain.  Whatever.  

They are stonewalling everybody.  They know that the precedent of a RC bishop resigning with a criminal indictment would encourage other District Attorneys to go after this new American ENEMY WITHIN, the Roman Catholic Church crime family hierarchy - the Bishops. 

Finn stays. He is a Bishop.  He is a Made Man.

Looking at the National Catholic Reporter online newspaper, they have one article where Cardinal Pell looks down his nose at this new C- (C minus) high school Latin hack translation of the Mass - Missal and called it children’s literature, meaning it has big words in it and that the Laity should look them up in some theology dictionary. Snide condescending bastard. 

English is the language of the 21st Century Global Culture. This third rate translation builds more walls against the rest of the Christian world and confuses dogma to the man and woman in the pews still bothering to attend the Catholic faith.

Pell is one to talk about children’s literature and children.  Stood by his pedophile priest house-mate back in the 1990s.  Mates forever and all that over and above the paid for white washed allegations of his youthful days as a seminarian/counselor in a summer boy’s camp.  

Pell.  Another Made Man in the RC crime empire. Whatever.

There is another article in the NCR about a bunch of bishops in Australia gathering to reconcile, to get with the party line, why they had to whack Bishop Bill Morris of Toowoomba Diocese.  

He didn’t like wearing a collar in tropical heat and his one real sin against the crime brotherhood of bishops was that he admitted and even commented on a survey of his flock that stated that they did not disapprove of the concept of Women Ordination.  They had to bring in a Yank hit man to whack Morris, Bishop Charles Chaput of Denver.
Charles is famous for signing off on the throwing of two little girls out of  Bill Breslin’s RC Sacred Heart of Jesus school in Boulder Colorado because their mothers were lesbians.  The school could not teach standard hate doctrine to the girls.  They might notice or question the discrepancy between their reality, reality in general actually, and RC doctrine.

I, rather cynically, feel that if the two children in question had been boys and theirs Dads had been a gay couple, this would have never made it to the national news.  That we all know that the reason it was an issue is because of the vagina thing, the unmentionable thing.  

RC priests don’t know what "it" is or how to deal with "it". 

Dysfunctional towards half the human race and they sit in their robes and tell us Jesus said this and Jesus meant that.  Fairy tales from fairies?

There was the weirdest statement I ever heard.  It was from Bishop, now Archbishop Chaput, a reward for whacking Bishop Morris no doubt and trashing a lesbian couple too.  At his installation in the fortress cathedral in Philadelphia - “Of course, my appointment to Philadelphia is an arranged marriage, and the Holy Father is the matchmaker….”.

Chaput has been brought in to keep the lid of the cauldron on tight, regarding the mess of Cardinal Justin “Big Frank” Rigali who was the crime boss of crime bosses in his day, the way he let children be buggered in the St. Louis, Missouri and the Philly Archdiocese, which is where I was raised and received 12 years of Catholic education.  

This is why I am so upset.  That I somehow was once associated with this crime family.  I now know what it is like to be Italian American and being despised because of the “Mafia”.  I was once a Catholic but don’t link me to that pedophile loving protecting church.  

This is not the Catholic Church of my youth, my parents, grandparents.

Anyway, Chaput in his opening statement in the Cathedral made reference to his forced and or arranged marriage ordered by the Don of Dons, Joe the Pope, being the matchmaker.  Yuk! 

In my point of view, arranged marriages are such a primitive form of torture and the basis of spousal abuse on a planetary scale.  That the human race on a planetary scale has centuries to go before men and women are equal and also equal to the true message of Jesus.

What ever happened to 1 Timothy 3:2 where a bishop is supposed to be married to a real woman?  This allegorical married to the church bullshit is what all this celibate but not chaste buggery is all about.

Anyway, we all know where Archbishop Chaput stands on buggery.

He and hundreds of priests gave Monsignor Lynn of child endangerment indictment fame, they gave him a standing ovation for a job well done, a few weeks back at a private secret dinner.

While we know that Bill Lynn will never become a Made Man in Joe the Pope’s crime family, he is no doubt a honorary “made man”.  

Look at all the other made men associated with pedophile protection-enabling over the years nurtured by the Philly Cardinals Bevilacqua and Rigali past regimes – Bishop Cullen of Allentown Pennsylvania, Bishop Cistone of Saginaw Michigan and let’s not forget Archbishop Naumann of Kansas City Kansas who is now sympathetic to Bishop Finn’s plight in Kansas City, Missouri.

Need a favor, move a priest around.  Throw a dart onto the map. 

And over all this, we have Bill Donohue, over at the Catholic League, the guardian angel of the pope’s crime family in America. 

Bill serves in a catholic Judenrat like function, approved of by two popes or he would not keep his job, no doubt paid for with Vatican cash to oversee the persecuted Catholic family/community in the hostile Protestant United States. Persecuted?  In heaven's name - Why?

And let’s not forget Archbishop Timothy Dolan of New York, head of the USCCB, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops:
“ninety-nine bottles of beer on the wall, ninety-nine bottles of…”

Great dysfunctional crime family papa Joe the Pope.  You must be very proud.

Have a nice day.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Screw the Poor and Jesus - St. Paul's Cathedral London

There was that politically correct PC moment when Saint Paul's Cathedral said that Occupy London or Occupy the City (Coke Dealers aka Financial Advisors) - that they let this bunch of protesters camp out on a corner of this third rate architectural monument to Christian ego. (Christopher Wren!!!!- Yawn!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

But the phone calls have come from "the city" as the coke dealers, the secular bishops,  in control of their "Wall Street" there - and it is time to evict the poor, the hippies, the pseudo-Jesus types claiming, talking for the poor and the homeless morons and it time to clean the street and get back to normal business. (don't forget the whores and the Cuban cigars! - a necessary deductible business expense)

The queers in charge of St. Paul's have scurried to comply to their money masters and evict the radicals, the homeless, the Jesus want to be-s.  Whatever.

It is time to tear down Saint Paul's stone by stone, a monument to Christian greed, terror and out of control ego.  While I do not know is if the taste for children is as strong in the Anglican faith as it is in the church of Rome. (irrelevant-overruled)...................................

It is time for the people to turn Saint Paul's into something useful, like a car park as they call it there and or a parking lot as we call it here.

Jesus, the real Jewish Jesus, would approve.


And throw Nelson's bones into the street too, out of his borrowed from Henry VIII coffin while you are at it - etc.

Have a nice day and or a nice British revolution.


Tear this Cathedral Down!!!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Dysfunctionality of the Pro-Life Idiom – Jesus would cheer Gaddafi’s death

Gaddafi got better than he deserved, better than he gave Flight 103 and Lockerbie.  If anything, I am disappointed that Libya doesn’t have the infrastructure, the slaughter houses and the meat hooks, to have given Mommar the “Full Benito” that Mussolini got in his just demise.

Is celebrating the death of a monster against life, common morality and or the cliche quasi-political, quasi-religious term Pro-Life?

I do not know what pro-life means anymore. It has become a Madison Avenue Roger Ailes jingoism to sell soap or church agenda.

From a once distant now moral view, the term Pro-Life as a hard sell came in the sixties when all birth control became the automatic equal of abortion – a flawed equation.  Have known a couple of women and a guy over the years who were involved in the abortion thing, some for medical reasons, some for personal.  They all had regrets.  Perhaps that is as it should be. The possibilities of life are a theoretical wonder to behold.  The average person does what is right  for themselves and does not need a theologian to render opinion anymore.

My last official religious affiliation was Lutheran.  When they murdered Doctor Tiller in a church says it all to me about the hole in the donut of the morality of abortionist hunters. A half a dozen protectors, enablers of Tiller’s murderer did not get indicted with him.  They are somehow funded by the new Gray Water moral area of funding from political and or quasi-political cash funding.  Tax free and on the government’s indirect dime.  

Pro-Life was used as a religious mask to carry out a political agenda - a political murder, an organized hit paid for by the growing very profitable Pro-Life crime racket, to strike fear in the heartland to any woman who wanted or needed a serious medical procedure done for whatever reason. 

The greed that turns all aspects of life into a commodity, even education, is in fact the reason why there is no real morality left in our society on many levels.  When people become commodities, their value is decided in the market place and not in any ancient book or even in their true hearts.

Me, we, us the society has become totally dysfunctional on some level and always I think related to the gelt factor.  The old fashioned American town square has disappeared and its virtual equivalent does not match the challenge or satisfy us.  That is what Occupy Wall Street is all about but they haven’t yet put it into words or understanding. They may never get there.

The point is and I repeat it – I don’t know what pro-life means.  I am being honest.

If Jesus was worth his salt and I think he was, I can fully imagine him cheering and dancing in the streets if a scumbag like Governor Pilate got his just desserts at the hands of a crowd like Colonel Gaddafi.

And then on second thought, maybe Jesus would not dance.
Sometimes.  To be fully human is to be fully divine.  It’s in the program I think from the Creator. 


Blown Away - Jeff Lynne

Friday, October 21, 2011

Peace - Hope for New Beginnings

FDNY survivor and a 911 volunteer are married in New York City, August 16, 2002

Catholicism - worth saving by Good Catholics?

(This is the church, this is the steeple, these are the people - of God)

If you have seen some of my other blogs, I have lent my good name as a Cultural Christian (for whatever that's worth) to the "Bishop Finn Must Go" Facebook page and its campaign to remove that pedophile protecting bishop from office in Kansas City Missouri.

Truth is that the precedent of resignation following indictment of Bishops would encourage prosecutors across this country and the planet to more actively indict these pedophile crime king pins.  

That is harsh judgemental language but somebody has to be an adult in the room.  Bishops who go into seminary at age 12 or 13 do not have normal social skills.  They can dress up in clerical garb and get promotions for being obedient servants to their superiors but there is a streak of much needed humanity missing in the very fiber of their beings.  

And this social blind spot seems to be directed more so towards women and children than men. 

This blind spot in the clergy can throw money at problems and hide behind their dysfunctional administrations but the public has started to wise up.  

Also, for a lot of good clergy, perhaps 80-85 percent of the ministers of that faith, this is a great burden to bear, the dysfunction of the hierarchy who rule in favor of power, prestige and wealth over the value of people.  People.  

People are 99% of Jesus' Message.  

It is not about the other 1%, the clergy or the buildings or the whatever. 

Pedophilia is a sin.  It is not a crime in the eyes of the present hierarchy of the RC church locally and worldwide.  If you look at the fine print and most Catholics do not - they are born for the most part into that religion - the fine print is that the RC church believes in the dignity of man but not in the dignified creature exercising his or her free will in a nasty ungodly institution called Democracy.

What Canon Law says about pedophilia, or clergy involvement in it, counts and matters more than mere flawed man made democratically based American law. 

Democracies come and go and the monarchy of the Papacy will last forever.  Whatever. When I was a child, the pope was a holy card, never seen outside Rome, and definitely not trying to be a media rock star.  

It is time for scholars wearing the virtual triple tiara to go back in time and lock themselves back up in the Vatican where they can do as little harm as possible to the church, the people of God. 

Getting back to the Good Catholics in Kansas City - St. Joe, who do not want to expose their children anymore to reckless endangerment of children by Opus Dei bishops like Robert Finn, go for it. 

Do the lawsuits. Storm the Bastille. Occupy Vatican City.

I wish the good Catholics of the Kansas City-St. Joseph diocese luck and other good Catholics everywhere, the Laity, in taking their parishes and dioceses back from the pedophiles and or pedophile protector-enablers, a majority of the hierarchy I fear, who now run their church.

God bless.  Have courage.  Be strong. 

The children you save may be your own. 

Your quest is about the future.  It is all about the children.