Saturday, January 26, 2013

Fr. Simon Henry of Farington UK Rants About Those Catholics that are Ruining His Church and Therefore Don’t Belong in His Church

The true “enemy within” are those modernist Vatican 2-ers and not the Dinosaur turd Trenters. Yeah right. More like civil war between factions and not schism or heresy.

There is an "anti-Church" within the Church labouring in parishes, deaneries and curial offices in complete opposition to Pope Benedict's teaching that the the Second Vatican Council should be interpreted in a hermeneutic of continuity, such as this unreliable and impossible to substantiate tosh in last week's Tablet, where the writer more or less says the Vatican II did what Jesus wanted but Trent didn't. 
This anti-Church seems to have existed in hidden form underground for many decades but grasped the Second Vatican Council to come out into the open and now openly preaches in opposition to the public teaching of the Magisterium of the Church.  The parish priest leaning on the lectern at Mass, without wearing a chasuble, telling people that women should be ordained, or the parish priest inviting people to general absolution, is not an outlandish caricature but a daily reality.
This third column, which I've experienced many times, is full of clergy who appear to hate the Church as it has manifested itself for hundreds of years, certainly hate the Pope, hate Rome and hate the Tradition which has been the vehicle of transmitting the Faith and the Scriptures down the generations.  If you hate a club  and everything it stands for, why join it, why stay in it? Why not go off and start  a club of your own or join one that is in harmony with your opinions (there are plenty of them)? 
Why do these people insist on trying to turn the Church into another version of all those Reformation breakaways?  All the things they want - no Pope, no Tradition, no authority, lay-led services, women priests and free-style dancing, elected elders and doctrine by popular vote - are available in the many denominations that abound throughout the world.  But no - they must stay here and work to change The Church from within for reasons that I cannot fathom. 

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