Wednesday, July 31, 2013

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“The Leaf Blower is in the Garage Jorge”- Is Cardinal Dolan and the GOP Talking Down to Spanish Speaking Pope Francis I ?

All the old white men – anglos of course – were on all the white media talk shows telling everybody what that (”Spic”) Pope really meant about loving gays as people.

Archbishop Timmy Dolan made a special trip to the CBS morning show yesterday to talk to PBS’s revered Charlie Rose Interviewer and then began to explain what the foreign pope really really meant by his comments on Homosexuals even though the pope actually used the English Word “Gay” which does not need translation into the latin or greek Homo-Setual. Whatever.

I got the distinct impression that Cardinal Dolan talks for the pope, who is more in Dolan's mind the kind of person that has come to cut his grass rather than proclaiming the Message of Jesus. 

If the old white men of the RC American Hierarchy, GOP Surrogate Fathers, are not careful they are going to deliver 99% of the Hispanic vote to the Dems by sheer fault of ignorance and lack of humanity.

Have a nice day. 

(And wash your hands Jorge before and after you touch my dirty leaf blower. lol)


Being a Flaming A-hole Like Timothy Dolan is Not a Sin ; His Being the Archbishop of New York is the Real Sin and or Tragedy – Explains what Pope Francis Really Meant

(An infallible) “Pope Francis’s job is not to change Church Teaching but present it as clearly as possible.” (1:45 – 1:50 CBS Video Interview July 30 below) – Current Archbishop of NY Timmy Dolan

(Pope’s)  “…Emphasis and Tone… may be something people find as new and refreshing but I for one don’t think it is…”  (3:38 – 3:48 Video link below)

Cardinal Timothy Dolan appeared to be trying to walk back recent comments by Pope Francis regarding gay priests in a CBS News interview Tuesday morning, explaining to hosts Gayle King and Charlie Rose that the pontiff’s refusal to judge them did not signal a change in Catholic Church doctrine.  
What the pope was saying, Dolan told Rose, was that, “While certain acts may be wrong, we will always love and respect the person and treat the person with dignity,” describing an intersection between church doctrine regarding the “immorality” of sex outside marriage and acceptance of believers regardless of sexual orientation or other social factors… 
“That probably is not possible,” Dolan answered, before telling Rose he expressed the sentiment incorrectly. “Homosexuality is not a sin. 
Homosexual acts are. Just like heterosexuality is not a sin, although heterosexual acts outside of marriage — life-loving, life-giving faith between a man and a woman — that would be simple. A pope couldn’t do that.”