Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Crumbs Cupcakes – Belly Bombers Take a Nose Dive in the Marketplace – boo hoo - 8 July 2014

The lucky to be working white female office workaholic middle class of America are all beset by the bankruptcy of some cupcake franchise nationally or at least in big cities.

The many news services online are in mourning. 

Where will the overweight office workers of the big city and suburban hot spot America buy $4.00 cupcakes that were too sweet with corn syrup (HFCS?) and too dry to the taste by most accounts in writing - hindsight?.

Success was enough to make these 800 calorie cupcakes a symbol of future easy 401k retirement by many foolish people.

Even an article in the NYT (bow your heads) about the loss of these chubby making belly bombers.

What’s the elite over educated, over paid, white middle class to do?

Oh Sooth us NYT’s article.

What’s next in the headlines? 

Homeless people criticizing the quality and quantity of lettuce in stale two day old sammiches donated to the poor by Pret Manger???



Sean Haugh - Senate, North Carolina