Thursday, October 18, 2012

Vagina Binda - Romney Meme -

Binding Women - A Mormon Concept?

Qualified Women, with resumes, might exist?

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Trolling for Dollars – Ann Coulter and other Media Whores / Skanks / Trolls / Catholic-Judenrats

Fly Me to the Moon on your broom Ann Coulter – Ten Bucks?

I do not understand how a woman in her fifties still is walking around in blithe sixteen year old style blonde long, long hair. I do not understand why a woman who looks like the first whore I did it with is still so popular after all these years. She was older than me but not that old like Ann Coulter Bela Lugosi formaldehyde preserved old. Perhaps anorexia is the true secret key to eternal life on this planet?

When I see her on Bill Maher, I understand from the corporate world how blowjobs and supplying cocaine to the rich and powerful in the front office can get a skank promoted and in a corner office without any real work to do. But then, does she have an automatic groupie following that puts Bill Maher’s ratings up five points, is that why she is on his HBO Media Troll Show so much? Payola?

Do all the media trolls, formerly media whores; do they all have the same agent at the William Morris Agency? Like who books the dog acts on once legitimate theatre talk entertainment Sunday news shows these days? Vladimir Putin?

This annoying switch in my brain that is so visible is faulty and the “Matrix” like masters of the universe are not like totally controlling me when I see the likes of Liz Cheney or Ann Coulter or even Keith Olbermann booked on the George Stephanopoulos’ political dog and pony show on Sunday Morning – This Week.  They gave the Arab girl from CNN a few weeks to turn around the ratings and then they pulled the old Jay Leno on the female Conan when they 86’d Christiane Amanpour.

“See! (Mira!) Quality does not work. What works is circus!” as Roger Ailes subtlety e-mails his Fox News staff twenty times a day with.

I know I stopped watching George Stephanopoulos or taking him seriously about anything when I read that the poor dear only gets $40,000 monthly living allowance to rent a crumby apartment in New York City when they sent him to the morning show to jazz, jizz it up Bill Clinton style.

What really turned my bile green, not with envy but pure old fashioned moral disgust, was the picture and the follow-up research that he was BFF with Catholic Media “Centrist” Catholic-Judenrat Sean Michael Winters or is it Michael Sean Winters who is official USCCB apologist for institutional endemic sodomy/pedophila and the new far right fascist turn in the American Uber-Catholic Church. 

Sieg Heil!


Cute as a Bug and Expensive Media Troll Yes-Man George Stephanopoulos
W/his BFF (wink,nod) Catholic-media-Judenrat Sean Michael Winters

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