Sunday, June 27, 2010

Islam’s New Market Share in the West

It has been almost a decade since the veil that surrounds America and its myopic walled in culture got a heavy dose of exposure from the outside world with the attack on the World Trade Center in New York City.

New York City used to be a domestic American town. Manhattan in particular is now an international city competing with other international cities like Hong Kong, Tokyo, London. Lead towns on the globe in a global culture. America may be the premier military power but it is frayed around the edges in regards to education, infrastructure and spiritual enlightment.

The indirect cause of a great deal of global media exposure has given Islam a market share of the attention of what is going on internationally even if they stopped teaching geography decades ago and no doubt originating in a crooked Texas Book Deal. Texas? Books? Where have I heard that before? Oh yeah. JFK.

Anyway, now that Islam has market share on the eyelevel sales position in a religion/spiritual candy store, no big deal. One religion is as good or as bad as the next. No criticism intended here.

Christianity in a down turn needs a few good salesmen to maintain present market share. The percentage of market share held in the west in the past is not likely to be recaptured. Where is the next Saint Paul?

Religion and spirituality have been given a good long look at and quite frankly, it is time for some other global focus to begin. Perhaps the climate or energy would be a good global start of refocus for the human race of the future.

In terms of the various regional religions that go with geography, when in Rome, do as the Romans. Nobody has a monopoly on God and or the rightness of their personal or national beliefs.

The energy of the expansion of Islam into Europe and America and a flurry of frenzied Mosque building is a good thing. It wakes up the monks asleep at the bell towers of near deserted or empty churches not turned yet into quickie-marts or retail outlet stores.

The evil started at the WTC on 911 was wasted. The American people and the human race are good people. Political winds masked as Jesus or Mohammed have their times and places. Their times have moved on.

What next?