Saturday, November 2, 2013

Rafael Cruz’s, Ted Cruz’s Dad, Ugly Racist Rant Against the American President – The Ugly Immigrant Continues to Bite the Hand that has literally Fed Him for 56 years

Rafael Cruz Sr. if that is his real name, if he traveled to the U.S.A. on a forged Visa, by his own admission (half truth - half the story?) may have also been traveling on a forged Passport?

Forty Eight Years as a resident Alien in the USA, before he bothers to obtain US citizenship in order to ship his SS check offshore, minus the number of years as a resident Alien in Canada, itinerate Grifter, Pastor, Cuban racist Rafael Cruz wants Obama to go back to Kenya, implying that he was born there etc. coming out on the ugly racist Tea Party campaign video and audio tapes from his son’s election in Texas in 2012.

Like I have said before, the old man’s Horatio Alger’s success story in America excludes climbing over the bodies of people in business and maybe even dead bodies in the Cuban Revolution on both sides and possibly stealing their identity papers. Identity fraud was not invented yesterday. A Horatio Alger story totally unchallenged by Lame Stream Media. Take the old Tea Bag at his word. Yeah right.

With a rich and powerful family in a fancy Cuban city like Matanzas, the “Venice of Cuba” to get him out of trouble whatever that was, car theft, pimping, armed robbery, murder, you would think that young Rafael would have first traveled to the big Cuban Colony in Miami Florida, there even then before Castro in 1957.

Problem with that is that Cubans are also a small community. If you show up with papers calling yourself "John Rockefeller Junior", maybe some of the Cubans in Miami already know "John" and might know you are not who you say you are. Etc. Better to travel 1350 miles further west to Texas, land of tall tales?

I didn't find it too implausible, considering that this did take place in the 1950s (no faxes, e-mail or digital cameras), and I thought it possible and plausible that the people in question could assume someone else's identity, especially as their performances were being given for the benefit of people who hadn't seen the "original identity holders" in many years, if at all. -- ALS1, IMdB, Miss Marple, A Murder is Announced