Thursday, May 2, 2013

Chris Matthews Goes Senile on Hardball – Thinks Ted Cruz is Presidential Timber? LMAO

I just watched a segment on MSNBC, Chris Matthews on Hardball, who wasted the whole segment on the possibility of that Moron NRA bootlicker senator from Texas Ted Cruz is presidential timber.

Hasn’t Chris or his in house experts John Feehery, Joan Walsh or his staff ever read the U.S. Constitution?

I can see a favorite son run of a Canadian Born Senator as Cruz but he ain’t a native born citizen American, a primary absolute requirement for the U.S. Presidency.

Maybe they are forging a new born in Texas birth certificate for Canadian American Ted Cruz of Texas at this very moment. (Better than that printed on shit toilet paper birth certificate filed in Can-a-duh!)


Ted Cruz – Republican Gun Control Squish versus The Original Squish - SpongeBob Square Pants