Monday, June 13, 2016

“Without Artistic Merit” – Donald Trump 1980 – “Aesthetic Vandalism” of Bonwit Teller Building NYC

Like ISIS destroying the Roman Ruins in Palmyra Syria, Donald Trump destroys art for profit in uneducated barbaric whims.

Art Destroyed For Profit by Donald Trump
Bonwit Teller, New York City. Image via The Department Store Museum.

Before the demolition of the Bonwit Teller building, Trump promised to donate the sculptures from the structure's Art Deco facade, as well as the decorative grillwork above the store's main entrance, to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.[18] The museum's appraised valued the sculptures at at least $200,000.[19] However, without warning, Trump's workmen shattered the sculptures with jackhammers and cut the grillwork into scrap metal. Several days later, Trump admitted that he had ordered the destruction himself.[18] Later in 1980, he boasted that the decor of his Grand Hyatt Hotel in New York City included "real art, not like the junk I destroyed at Bonwit Teller".[20] The New York Times condemned Trump's actions as "esthetic vandalism", and a spokesman for Mayor Edward Koch said Trump had failed his "moral responsibility to consider the interests of the people of the city”.[18]

Bonwit Teller, New York City. Image via The Department Store Museum.

1935 Walter Agar - The New Architectural Sculpture

Destroyed Art Deco Masterpieces - 
Manhattan (goddess) Dancing in the Winds
("Without Artistic Merit" - DJT) 


Orlando - Spinning the Truth About Hate Crimes in Orlando - Gays and Hispanics

President Obama made an honest assessment of the tragedy in Orlando as being an act of Terror and an act of Hate.

Everybody wants to spin this thing. The Pope and archbishop of Louisville KY put out statements deploring violence in Orlando conveniently skirting the issue of LGBT and any honest discussion about human sexuality that the church conveniently ignores at every turn.

Watching Fox News Business Varney and Co, the host held up a copy of the NY Daily News wondering why the “NRA” was supposed to be responsible for this act of “Islamic Terrorism” – the business channel(?).

The Orlando Sentinel has published a partial list of victims’ names. Out of the 35 names listed, I count something like 27 Hispanic sounding names.

My point is that without clear motives of the shooter, my gut reaction is that not only that this incident may be a Hate Crime against Gays but also being a Hate Crime against Hispanics – considering the current political atmosphere and certain political presumptives taking credit for acts of mass violence in some peculiar narcissistic manner.

That if so-called Gay Clubs as like churches in America – they are segregated along racial and ethnic lines, I have to wonder who the killer hated more before he committed his soul to hell and his 72 virgins – whether who did he hate more – the Gays or the Hispanics? Or both equally?


Vichy Republicans - Mitch McConnell - Marco Rubio - Paul Ryan *

FYI: Vichy France 1940-1944 became a cooperative state of Nazi Germany.

The old French republican slogan of “Liberty, equality, fraternity” was replaced by the new Vichy slogan of “Work, family, fatherland.”

*"Vichy Republicans" - Ken Burns - Stanford U. Commenbement - June 12, 2016