Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Dominionist “Dave” Brat Beats Eric Cantor in GOP Primary - Eric BTW Who Was Not White Enough or “Christian” Enough for the Ruling Elites of States’ Rights Virginia

With a half-assed Masters in Theology from Princeton – a real Theology degree is a Ph.D. btw imho – and preaching the obscure political agenda Orwellian like “economics”of Libertarian politics, the Tea Party is far from dead and its candidates are far less “Kook” like in a push for “States’ Rights” and the coming theocracy, the media is scrambling for dumbed down explanations of why Eric Cantor lost to "Dave" Brat.

Myths of David brings down Goliath with a minimal budget to beat mainstream GOP soldier Eric Cantor are being pumped out by the lamestream media with ignoring all the free network of Christian foot soldiers stuffing and mailing political propaganda, like with Dave Brat’s local chapter of the Knights of Columbus located and sponsored in his rich burb Richmond Virginia Roman Catholic church of St. Mary’s.

A convert to Catholicism (?) and after a Ph.D. at American University, a traditionally linked Methodist institution. Go where the power and money is. And the RCs always have the big global bucks?

Apparently mixing religion with economics is the new politics of the new Right and or Orwellian Big Brother visionaries that put Ronald Reagan in power via the vision of the Liberty Fund.

A quote in Liberty Fund Publishing Economics, of obscure voodoo economist Paul Heyne’s manifesto like quotes in a letter to “David Brat”, the same as in the Cantor Brat Primary Race? [1. ] Paul Heyne, letter to David Brat, 31 July 1998.