Saturday, October 15, 2011

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CHILDREN Lose Again! - Up Against Typical American Catholic Bishops

The Bishops win again.  They protect their pervert priests and in the end will only get a slap on the wrist from the law – It is only a misdemeanor to protect a pervert in Missouri, the show me state. 

Better get the GOP on the phone and have the state legislature get rid of that annoying government regulation.

Why didn’t Bishop Robert Finn of Kansas City-St. Joseph Missouri diocese hand over child pornography to the police?

Why is that they have to have back stair discussions with the police to discuss the fine lines between art photos and kiddie porn?  Isn’t the difference obvious??????

Huh?  Well look at it. Time and time again, the church business comes up against the welfare of a child and challenging the prestige of the CHURCH.  And time and time again CHILDREN lose.

What humanity do they brainwash these catholic priests out of in their foreign based cult seminaries?  Or is it that women and children do not automatically count?  It has got to be something more than being brain dead, dicks or just plain mother f***ers.  It must have to do with money. Right?

The Catholic Church of my youth this is not. What happened to the Catholic Church in America?

Vatican II in America got erased by a bunch of crime bosses these past few decades – bishops, archbishops, cardinals – who didn’t want to share power or the accounting books with the Laity.  That’s what it looks to me like.

And the Church, while it always had a theoretical distant center in Rome, used to be American.

More and more, the Roman Catholic Church in America smells like it being run by some foreign drug/crime cartel.  Not a Japanese Car Manufacturer management style.  But a cold blooded, cash profit only, crime syndicate that does not care if your children are collateral damage in the pursuit of it primary business of profit.
More like living in a Chinese Factory sweat/slave shop the way I see all Catholics being treated these days by its privileged crime bosses/bishops.

Yeah we care.  Yeah right.

Indicting one of Philly crime boss “Big Frank” Rigali’s hand picked stooges on misdemeanor charges for not reporting a pervert is a start.  It also at this point in time is a JOKE.  

Finn will get a promotion to the Vatican and hide in Rome under diplomatic immunity like that other thug Cardinal Law of Boston.  He escaped American criminal justice.  Church First.  Humanity Last.

When are the R.I.C.O. indictments of this foreign based crime cartel going to rid us of these criminal minds in our houses of worship???


Jesus wept.  Jesus weeps.