Thursday, March 25, 2010

Kristallnacht – Tucson - USA

Our democracy is fragile. It is very disheartening that elements of the mainstream media that I term Hate Radio and Hate News are on a 24/7 bellicose attack on all things government.

It is time for some ambitious district attorney, democrat, republican, independent somewhere to bring Roger Ailes of FOX NEWS and Sarah Palin up on some conspiracy, incitement to commit violence charges.

Palin of SarahPAC, a charity of sorts for has been half-politicians who openly - hint, hint, wink, wink - advocates violence against the elected representatives of the government with target crosshair symbols on her web page against Democratic enemies and their seats up for re-election in Congress.

Ailes of course, the man who helped get Nixon elected with false advertising is the model for the main Jon Hamm character in the AMC cable show “Mad Men”. As president of a “news” department at Fox, he is the one ultimately involved and responsible for incendiary language coming out of the mouths of paid actors on his news programs.

What's Behind The Wave of Right-Wing Health Care Violence?

I am particularly hurt by the attack on Representative Gabrielle Giffords congressional office in Tucson in the middle of the night, early Sunday Morning with a brick through that window.

In total five windows seemed have been smashed across the country. Three at local democratic party offices. Two were against the offices of two congresswomen. An article in the Christian Science Monitor which I thought to be a balanced honest paper showed its true colors by playing down, ignoring the violence against Congress Women and then quotes Rep Boehner out of context, like he really deplores violence.

That article was questioning the validity of vandalism on the property of Congressman Tom Perriello’s brother after his brother’s address was posted online as the Congressman’s address. The address was posted in the hopes that some moron would do violence against Tom Perriello or his family.

Was Rep. Tom Perriello targeted for his vote on healthcare bill?

Hitler and his brown shirts before they came to power were nothing more than street thugs, throwing rocks, breaking windows, intimidating, bullying etc. not unlike the Tea Party movement that the GOP hopes to nurture and absorb rather than let it become independent and free to destroy the presently comatose Grand Old Party.

Representative Giffords in the 8th district of Tucson is Jewish and married to an active duty serviceman Mark Kelly, also an astronaut.

My interest in Tucson is having lived there for close to a decade in the recent past. The thing is with two corporate whores liked Jon Kyl and John McCain hogging the two senate seats of Arizona, the only address most citizens have in petitioning the government with legitimate grievances is through the one liberal congressperson that usually represents the one solid liberal corner of the state in Tucson.

So when I hear that the closeted brown shirts like Sarah Palin has a bulls eye target on Representative Giffords, I say Fuck You Sarah and Fuck the Horse you rode into town on. Half baked, half educated, half governor of Alaska.

No bunch of thugs is going to take our democracy away from us like the Nazis took Germany in the thirties.

Vandalism, thuggery, bullying and the breaking of windows by in the middle of the night cowards says an awful lot about Roger Ailes cash cow audience at Fox “News”.


Anonymous said...

Are you serious about having the government judge news organizations and bring them up on charges if they don't like what is said?

Perhaps we can just have the government dictate what is acceptable to talk about. Of course, given recent history, google would have to shut down their search engine.

Dave said...

Free speech does not include yelling fire when there is none!

Dave said...

Fox? A news organization? Surely you jest!

Mike McShea said...

A green D.A. to call some of these yahoos to task. Accountability counts somehow, somewhere, somewhen.

Anonymous said...

A Huffington Post commentator urges Obama to break knees to impose his wills. That's an incitement to violence.

Olbermann superimposes Limbaugh's face onto gunfire. Violent?

How about the authors of now debunked claims of climate catastrophe in the next couple of years? That's surely yelling "fire".

Perhaps we can take some advice from Chavez, who has imprisoned the final contrarian public voice.

I don't think Ailes or Beck have said "go out and riot and do damage". And they sure as heck haven't said "fire". If they've encouraged resistence to policies they disagree with, why criminalize it?

I know the white house tried the same crap with fox news, and even ABC TV and others had to beat down the white house for censorship attempts.

So, fox news isn't a "news organization"? then don't watch it. I'm sure Olbermann can use a third viewer. But criminalizing the media can't be seriously considered.

Mike McShea said...

I have not said criminalize the media. I want a test case to slap down the death of civility in America, to call to task the rotten rhetoric that is borderline anarchy. What is wrong with that?

It used to be the law that the media had to be balanced. Without that law, everybody hears only one point of view on either side now. How united can that make any nation?

Line per line, Ailes and Beck, a comedy team(?)bend the words of the language toward incivility. Olbermann may be a pitbull but you need him to protect us from comedy teams like Ailes and Beck etc.

You want a Chavez moment, play back the video tape from Saturday with Michele Bachmann standing on the balcony of the Capitol waving a revolutionary flag and not an American flag.

As for huffington commentators, they are too numberous to count, it is a free speech corner of America.

Have you ever really watched Olbermann or are you quoting a visual out of context regurgitated out of the belly of Fox or Rush?

Anonymous said...

There are now numerous media outlets. If one doesn't like Fox, watch MSNBC, ABC, CNN, HLN, PBS, CBS, NBC, the web, or some other. There are numerous viewpoints readily available.

If Ailes is responsible for Beck, Huffington is responsible for HuffPo commentators. In fact, I advocate both are OK, so I am not advocating prosecuting Ms. Huffington.

The discussion as I understand it is about whether a media figure should be prosecuted for views expressed. Ms. Bachmann is not my rep nor the subject of the discussion.

Not that it is relevant to the argument itself, but I don't regularly watch Fox, or any news network. I've watched(not just read) each of them at some time. I find Olbermann's personal attacks on individuals he disagrees with to be inappropriate and disgusting. But I don't propose prosecuting him either.

Anonymous said...

Prosecute or not? The other or the editor or both?

From the washington post, written by Courtland Milloy:
I know how the "tea party" people feel, the anger, venom and bile that many of them showed during the recent House vote on health-care reform. I know because I want to spit on them, take one of their "Obama Plan White Slavery" signs and knock every racist and homophobic tooth out of their Cro-Magnon heads.

Mike McShea said...

"The tea party people didn't refer to white Democrats using racial epithets. No one yelled "white trash" or "redneck cracker" at any of those congressmen. And none of their own ever stands up and declares that such practices are morally wrong." Courtland Milland went on to say regarding the racism shown in that same article.

Even if the written press incites people to violence, they should be brought to task. Mr. Milloy is black and not anonymous in his opinions. I am certain he is ready to stand by what he writes.

How about letting us visit you at your blog and make further comments on this topic.