Saturday, October 26, 2013

McDonald’s Corporate Profits Built On Government Subsidies (Food Stamps) for Slave Wage Workers?

Get the Government out of my pockets!

Get McDonald’s out of the Government’s pockets!

McDonald's workers struggling to get by on poverty wages should apply for food stamps and Medicaid. 

 That's the advice one activist McDonald's worker received when she called the company's "McResource Line," a service provided to McDonald's workers who need help with issues like child and health care. 

 "You can ask about things like food pantries. Are you on SNAP? SNAP is Supplemental Nutritional Assistance [Program] -- food stamps ... You would most likely be eligible for SNAP benefits," a McResource representative told 27-year-old Nancy Salgado, who works at a Chicago McDonald's. "Did you try and get on Medicaid? Medicaid is a federal program. It's health coverage for low income or no income adults -- and children."


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