Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Feedback on Tea Party Creep Rep. Daryl Metcalfe, Pennsylvania – and other Holier than Thou Burb Bubble Land People just Like Him

We have this problem here in America Lately.  The press gives free rides to people like Ted Cruz or idiots in the Pennsylvania State (H8) Legislature like Rick Saccone and Daryl Metcalfe who pass this feel good Guido stuff that plays well in their bubble world existence in the Burbs.

That they are thinking that what they feel good with on lily white green lawn suburbia is what I want which it ain’t.  They claim, most of these Tea Party shits to be Christian, but they do not have a clue about life or people, empathy or compassion. That many in fact if you look at them closely have lived in the burbs all their lives or they are lifers in the military and then come out and get elected to cushy little jobs to backwater burbs.

They are building the new Cardinal Wuerl North Catholic High School in Cranberry Township Pa. which is the home base of Daryl Metcalfe, there in a rich burb of Pittsburgh. That the old North Catholic there had to climb further into the burbs to escape the blacks in the inner city that want to get a better education etc. No doubt Cardinal Wuerl will be proud of the new WHITES ONLY BURB catholic high school. 

Mission of the RC in America of late seems like it is to sell off all the old immigrant built inner city real estate and locate to the white safeness of the burbs. Many of the best inner city schools and high schools in America have bit the dust in favor of locating to the burbs to escape the reality of diverse 20th century America etc.

“Bother, can you spare a dime for my brand new shiny white city on a hill in the Burbs Cardinal Wuerl North Catholic High School?

Piss Off!

Doing further research on this Daryl Metcalfe homophobe in the Pa. state (h8) legislature, I see that he was primary sponsor of the “Voter Protection Law” in Pa. which I think has been challenged in the courts as being a racist tool to cheat people young, old, white, black, brown, out of their right to vote etc.

Here are a few (I make them Anonymous) comments hoping not to be un-friended in the process about Rep. Metcalfe’s current attempt to Impeach the Pa. Attoney General because she is a woman and a human being with a brain that does not want to waste any Pennsylvania taxpayer’s money trying to defend homophobe jerk off NeoCon Tea Party Burb legislation before the Supreme Court.

    A- They just piss me off because these are the same guys that cry about big government and wasting money but turn around and embrace government and waste money as long as it is for their own agendas. People need to see these guys as the fakes they are. 

B-  And in another six years he will want a full pension from the state of Pennsylvania for the 20 years of bull***t he has contributed to the public thoroughfare. Daryl Metcalfe is the same guy who was the chief sponsor of the Voter ID Law. A-  Can you imagin e being eighty years old, showing up on election and day and cannot vote because you no longer drive and no longer have a driver's license etc. Real creeps in the Tea Party. Real creeps. 

A-  The problem with these people is they make decisions based on this idea that everyone else has had this pristine, perfect way of life as they have had. They need to get out and about more.

C-   if everone shits in the same outhouse, we smell equally as bad.time to make them shit in the same outhouse as we do.

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