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Doctor Riley Writes Her Second Essay – Is Fined Again for Whatever? – Licensing of Bricklayers, Doctors and Other Professionals in Utah

I have to apologize a bit here. I have, since the inconvenience of the recent government shutdown on a federal level, been researching many things related to the anger in the Republic against big government and the reality of the “less government” crowd who really mean less government for you but "more government" and contracts for us (and cronies) kind of scenario.

I see from public documents that Doctor Riley is finished with Maryland so to speak and that now Utah wants a second grade-school essay from Doctor Riley. Nicola Riley is no saint. Just read the SL Tribune or Deseret news to get that certain PC POV toward her. Public Square in Utah is many times Temple Square btw. 


The theme of much of my writing these days has to do with the emerging global cultural taking shape in the virtual world of the here and now. And obsolete things like newspapers and or their online counter parts are not keeping up with reality in too many spheres and bubble worlds in America. That the old fashioned public square of the past American myth is non-existent these days and there is a lot of fear and apprehension in the older parts of the population that do not accept or easily embrace the brave new world of tomorrow.

I see that from comparison from the latest Maryland and Utah Documents regarding Dr. Riley that Utah has added a term not contained in the Maryland document and that is “gross negligence”. I have to wonder if the term will, with present pending or future state legislation, trigger a sequence of events that does not finally close this matter.

That in invoking some perhaps secret code words like “gross negligence”, one can carry on the eternal town square witch burning of Dr. Riley and the inhibition of her practice of her profession. That her past performance by Doctor Riley earned her a scarlet letter “A” to be branded on her chest, not for Adultery but Abortion,  but now with a second essay a reminder again in the Utah town square of Dr. Riley’s use of Female Medical Procedures as something perhaps Satanic and therefore a second “A” is rebranded onto her chest to keep the crowd in a fervor about her actually being allowed to continue in medicine after her past mistakes.

From the first letter:

A related article regarding original Utah agreement with same manager:

First "A" was for wearing a red dress in Maryland. Second "A" is for wearing scrub greens or blues in Utah? And Third future “A” for wearing another color on Sabbath in the Town Square and a final real Witch Burning for satisfaction of the local gossips, bureaucrats etc. in the local SLC town square?

One wonders if the recently extra fine of $5,000 for the secret code words (assumptions) “gross negligence” is a just act? Where does the money go?  DOPL budget, petty cash, or Utah State Debt?

Doing some research I find that Utah has trouble getting and or keeping doctors considering its low, low standing in statistics for the medical thingy.

That twenty years ago, while working for a HMO in Arizona, the department I was working at the time had problems locating former participating UTAH doctors in the HMO. That we were trying to find them not because they owed us money, but because we were trying to send them their last checks and they, not dozens, but close to hundreds, seemed to disappear off the face of the earth with no forwarding addresses. Don’t know what to make of that. But my personal life experience kicked in a fact learned in life and cross referenced it with the stats I recently found.

In fact, I tried very hard to find out how many doctors are actually practicing in Utah. That nice little newspaper articles quote PR press release stats of so many doctors per hundred thousand population but rarely a whole figure number to scare the population in general or God forbid, the population to demand the state legislature to do something about inadequate medical care in Utah as compared to the rest of the United States.

One has to wonder too why something like 5,500 live bodies called doctors are lumped together on the state level for professional licensing with something like another 172,000 professional bricklayers, electricians, truck drivers, nurses, etc, in Utah that need their licensing and supervision from the Department of Professional Licensing DOPL. 

And the present manager there has valuable experience from his previous job at DRE Department of Real Estate – a separate and more important state department than mere medical matters?

Multitasking. A great thing – yes? Something necessary in the new global culture along with the Wharton Global Spreadsheet for all the MBAs that now manage the needs of all humanity?

Dr. Riley's Second Essay:

Utah Document

Page 5 Excerpt:

Page 6:

Maryland Document

Alternative Medicine Practiced Elsewhere - Tools of the Trade



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