Sunday, February 23, 2014

Rocco’s Little Chicago Tucson Arizona – A Great to Eat if you are not an Asshole Arizona Politician

In Arizona’s boom and bust economy it is surprising that I run into a piece of an old acquaintance from Tucson, Rocco of Rocco’s Little Chicago Pizzeria along the main east west drag East Broadway on Internet News.

I can remember when Rocco’s was searching around for the right spot to put his version of Chicago and its style of pizza and Italian food on the local Menu and under the Stripes and Stars Chicago City Flag inside the restaurant.

His wife was a fellow co-worker at a local HMO before it was sold out to the Corporate Global Spreadsheet, before you had to dial a 1-800 number to help you with your primary care doctor or your meds and reach perhaps in those days Minnesota which is probably Mumbai these days.

The corporate culture of that local HMO was such that everybody was a member of a team and almost like family. So it was not hard to keep up with the progress of Rocco starting a business with limited capital and in the boom and bust economy of an old cow town, university town of Tucson.

I was pleasingly surprised to see that Rocco had posted a sign restricting service to the morons in the state legislature over this recent religious right to discriminate law. The sign above.

I wished him and his wife and baby luck at the grand opening of Rocco’s in the late nineties before traveling back east to a more stable long term work environment. I even gave him a collage of old newspaper stuffed into the seat of a shaker chair I bought there in a thrift store. Rocco said he was going to hang it in the bathroom.

Doubt is something as brilliant and as valuable (sarcasm) as one of my works of art has survived the tourists.

Rocco Bathroom Art Reminiscent of College Days spent in Saint Petersburg Russia Comrade

Was back in 2007 visiting my son in college but missed getting to say hello to Rocco. Hello Rocco. Good Man! Even Better Pizza!

Real Tucsonans Stay In Summer
And are not Stupid enough to
Turn away Business LOL


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