Friday, February 28, 2014

Have you used your Credit Card Five Times Today? Do you Love your Corporation Gods or Not?

Have you used your Baal Card today?

Oh great Corporation Gods, whose bounty we live off of, whose incredible vision and power bring food from the earth and transport it to supermarkets and CoffeeBucks, we are not worthy. 

Forgive us and help up to keep up our credit ratings or we are not worthy of the life you give us.

Remember to use your credit card everywhere you go. Use it for a newspaper, a cup of coffee, the subway etc.

Unless you use your credit card at least five times a day, it will be considered inactive and points will be deducted from the all-important monthly and overall total average New Corporate Credit Scores.

Life without credit is life without the blessings of the Credit Card Gods!

Stop using or abusing your credit or - Become Homeless! - Drop off the grid and die apostates of the new religion of the New Gods, the New Corporations.



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