Saturday, February 22, 2014

Feel Good Hate the Gays Bill in Arizona Awaiting Jan Brewer’s Signature

Arizona governor Jan Brewer has yet to decide to sign the Hate Gays Religious Exemption bill out of that state’s Mormon dominated Legislature.

The Valley of the Sun in the State of Deseret and in the American state of Arizona has a feel good to hate Gays anti-cupcake bill ready for Jan Brewer to sign.

The thought, the outrage that cookie and cupcake makers would have to make a Gay Wedding Cake is too much for some in their Mormon Long Johns to accept.

A religious exemption, a permit to hate wherever and whenever the spirit moves you to do it will be protected by this piece of horseshit Arizona bill.

I know that they don’t pay the legislators much in Phoenix but this is a total waste of taxpayer chump change generally wasted on these white inbred clowns, out too long and brain dead in the Arizona sun. 

If the prophet Joe Smith could not have a gay wedding to add many husbands to his many wives and not have a Gay Wedding Cake, then nobody else is deserving of such. 



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