Sunday, February 16, 2014

Stooge Lawyer Ted Cruz - Petit Bourgeois Tea Party Leader of the Super Rich – Norm Chomsky

I do not quite understand who Norm Chomsky is but when he speaks the cognoscenti usually listen. Cognoscenti on the left you know, not the right. On the right you have the thugs, the Neanderthals led by “Constitutional” lawyers in carpet slippers who defend injustice and obscene corporate greed like Canadian Senator Tex Cruz carpetbagging currently in Texas. 

"He said traditional anarchists opposed the inherent inequality in the relationship between a government and its people or business owners and their workers, while Tea Party conservatives promote this imbalance.

“They’re in favor of having the population subordinated to concentrated private power, which should have no limits,” Chomsky said. “When they call themselves anti-government, that means they don’t want government to limit the capacity of concentrated private power to dominate the society. That’s very far from any anarchism.”

Tea Party conservatives present themselves as strict constitutionalist proponents of a limited government, a claim that Chomsky rejected.

“They do oppose too much state power, but that’s a bit of a joke; they also support state power,” he said. “They support the powerful systems that sustain private power, concentration of power, as opposed to traditional anarchists.”

Chomsky agreed that the Tea Party was a genuine popular political movement who members were almost entirely white, “petit bourgeois” business owners who tend to be highly nationalistic and had racist elements.

The group’s power and significance comes not from its numbers, he said, but by the heavy funding it gets from corporate backers and the favorable coverage it receives from some media outlets.

The Tea Party’s popularity is essentially a symptom of the rigged political system, Chomsky argued."


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