Friday, June 7, 2013

A Symbol For Atheism

Symbol for Atheism

I see that the Mary Madalot O’Hair Atheists are putting up a monument to their particular dogmas of their Atheist religion down there in the swamps of Florida in Starke Florida.

Them Atheists use some atomic symbol as if the universe and or the atom created it all, a form of Deism?

Well there are a lot of shouting Atheist types who know exactly what non-belief in the god thing is. It is still a cottage industry thingy. Still no Vatican size headquarters for any particular Atheist sects and or cults.

Just as I used my own symbol for Agnosticism below, I designed the symbol above in terms of the nature of the beast and of course simplicity.

Symbol for Agnosticism

The Big “A” is of course Atheism and the Exclamation Point “!” below and integrated in the symbol sort of reminds me of how vocal a lot of Atheists are these days in asserting whatever Atheism is or is to become with regards to debate in the public forum.

I think the greatest approach to debate is no debate. I don’t know what you mean by god etc.

It is refreshing to see or hear some of the younger Atheists who have no warehouse of knowledge or college paper delivery on what they do not believe in terms of the thousands of years and millions of volumes on the superstitious religions that forgot the words of the wise man “Just because man invented god does not mean that god does not exist.” Etc.

Imagine there are whole generations in the West now that have no experience, bad experience and or bad taste in their mouths for the religion scam thing that in some cases has ridden that bitch, cash pony, for seventeen centuries as a master scam thing and the forced belief in a god thing.

So too the old screamer like O’Hair is dead who poured all her loot into gold before a bigger con artist came along and offed her for the gold etc.

Interesting versions of individual belief systems besides Agnosticism, Atheism etc in the global mix of things forming in the new global culture of next year, decade, century.

Enough said. 


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