Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Paula Deen - Lard Queen - Goes Down Fighting Amid Charges of the Truth regarding Her Southern Baked Bigotry

I git the fact that Paula Deen is a product of a super dumbed down southern non-culture that refuses freedom of expression since 1619 and the first schil Ponzi scam to take temporary indentured illiterate slave black labor from Muslim Africa and use them for everything from cane cutting, incest and fertilizer. I git it.

After years of presenting grits cooked with lard, chicken fried with lard, lard infused with lard, the bimbo has opened restaurants and given employment to her unemployable sons.

Now millions of unearned dollars later, she is being crucified (thanks Anne Rice) as the only bigot left in the South. Coould not have happened to a nicer beatch.


Give it a rest girl. It was a good run. Retire. 



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