Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Congressman Burgess of Texas Demands Federal Protection for Unicorns in Texas

Congressman Mike Burgess with his mail order Christian Medical Degree claims that Unicorns still exist in Texas. 

He is sponsoring a Congressional Bill to set aside Federal Land as a Magic Preserve for the dwindling Unicorn population in Southwest Texas. 

Burgess sites previous bills of nearby Federal Land being set aside for dinosaurs.  

Of note, Jesus' pet dinosaur "Spike" from his holy childhood was put out to stud there in this special creature preserve, on the Fed's Dime, near the present habitats of the Unicorns and the Fairies. 

Disclaimer from the GOP: Rep. Burgess does not in any fashion advocate the spending of federal funds on any Fairies, even the ones in Texas. 



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