Thursday, June 6, 2013

Bradford County Florida Okays Shrines to all The Gods and Beliefs “Free Speech Forum” Outside Court House – Atheist Monument to go up Next to Stone Commandments of Hebrew Testament God

The rednecks in Florida put up a monument to the ten commandments of the mean desert god of Moses, Jesus and Mohammed outside some courthouse.  Now the Atheists have to do a “me too” to their non-beliefs so to speak.
Me, I would prefer to see a monument to the golden oldie of Isis in their Pantheon Garden shrine establishing the recognition of religions, gods, goddesses and other mythical paraphernalia, a religious eyesore in the Florida public square (swamp) of the human condition.

Goddess Isis

The first U.S. public monument to Atheism is set to be unveiled outside a Florida courthouse later this month. It’s a granite bench engraved with secularist quotes. And weirdly, it owes its existence to the Ten Commandments.
Here’s how it happened. In October 2011, Bradford County, Florida established a “Free Speech Forum” outside its courthouse, allowing private groups to place monuments at their own expense. Last May, the Community Men’s Fellowship, a local Christian group, took advantage of that arrangement, placing a 5-foot, 6-ton stone slab engraved with the Bible’s Ten Commandments.


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