Friday, June 7, 2013

JP Morgan Chase Continues to Deny Mere Peasants Access to 2 ½ Acre Chase Manhattan Plaza – Oh the Humanity or Rather the Corporate Lack of It

Off Limits to People - Chase Manhattan Plaza

Human beings do not exist on the new Global Spreadsheet. Proof of it is in a once blocked off Cedar Street being given to a public plaza in the early 1960s. 

JP Morgan Chase does not want to waste any precious resources like paying minimum wage w/no benefits to guards or cleaning crews on the use of this valuable Manhattan real estate on anything as useless as people / humanity. Real estate that is begging for a sliver skyscraper condo deal?

There is room to breathe, two and a half acres of it. There is reason to delight, in Jean Dubuffet’s monumental sculpture. There is opportunity to reflect, in the austere sunken sculpture court by Isamu Noguchi.

At least there was until September 2011, when JPMorgan Chase, successor to Chase Manhattan, barricaded the plaza. The bank offered no explanation, though the move seemed clearly intended to foreclose any attempted takeover by the Occupy Wall Street movement. As the protesters’ presence diminished downtown, however, the plaza stayed closed. Some construction work occurred, on and off. Chase maintained its silence. And its barricades.


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