Sunday, June 16, 2013

Kingdom of Ignorance – 8th Congressional District Arizona – King Trent Franks in Charge

"The Incidence Of Rape Resulting In Pregnancy Are Very Low" – Rep. Trent Franks, Former President of Liberty Petroleum

It brings tears to my eyes to bear witness to the evil ignorance from poverty I have seen in the State of Arizona.

That Senators and Reps there are rarely concerned with what is important to the electorate in their districts.

I have written before about Representative Trent Franks when he was congressman from the Trailer Park concentrated 2nd Congressional district starting in the western burbs of Phoenix and pretty much all the remaining under populated Northwest portion of that bare landscape of a state.

I was a bit totally shocked when I did some research today to see that Trent Franks jumped from the 2nd Congressional District to take over the new gerrymandered 8th Congressional District that once was the realm of Gabby Gifford’s before she became the target quite literally in the cross hairs of tea partiers, tea baggers, like Sarah Palin.  

That  Gabby if she never got shot up in a supermarket parking lot would probably not have won reelection in the new 8th district courtesy of the Mormon dominated, official members and fronts, Deseret Arizona state legislature and their redistricting (wink,nod).

Enough to make any decent sane person cry.

Considering Mr. Trents' education and professional front for the LDS types in Arizona, his remarks about rape and pregnancy – consider the source.  Duh!

It is also a strange coincidence that Franks'
Brother, who is now President of Liberty Petroleum that specializes in exploration for oil and gas resources, may now have unlimited congressional help, off the record of course, of the entire Southeast portion of Arizona now under Treat Franks jurisdiction.  

And on the international border no less too – OMG!

Tucson, soon to be fracked to death and water reserves flamed up for the greed of a bunch of greedy Neanderthals in Congress! ? 


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