Friday, November 30, 2012

The Next Cardinal of Chicago – Archbishop Joseph Kurtz of Louisville?

"Smiling Conservative" Archbishop Kurtz of Louisville KY

Joe Kurtz’s impeding appointment as the next Cardinal of Chicago and as next President of the USCCB is something I decided to do a little research into before the MSM anoints a “great moral” leader to kill internet space and airtime.

I found it strange that in his standard Wikipedia bio the great next possible Slavic Leader of the Chicago Archdiocese is born, has two parents and then goes directly to St. Charles Borromeo Seminary in Philly as an Allentown diocese seminarian.

I love how these chaff farmers raised from poverty and into riches now are the bastions of money and privileged RC culture. I do love the “smiling conservative” brand on these chaff farmers and or ex-coal mining town types. They show you their teeth as they stick the cold piece of steel in between your ribs, as they close down schools, sell off American RC heritage/real estate and send the cash off to the Vatican Bank for the next phase of RC Inc. in the soon to be victimized third world religious plan.


Gleaning through some, much deleted (?) facts once available on Kurtz’s personal history on the internet, that it all may have once been there when he was in Knoxville; but that once he gets to Louisville it has all been purged.  I may be wrong about all this. I am no IT expert.  The Wiki bio seems to occur around Louisville and the open facts of Kurtz’s early life in the mining town of Mahanoy City Pennsylvania in my own ancestors' much impoverished upstate Schuylkill County, were never put in that bio to begin with.

I can see the Chicago Tribune now writing a piece about the Cardinal’s humble beginnings in Shithole Pennsylvania and now ordained by God to rule as Moral Master of the universe for Second City USA. Oh the horror!

Anyway, it took a lot of digging but I do not think there is a lot of mystery in why there are many bio holes in the next presumed bishop prince of Chicago.

Shuttered Assumption BVM RC church Mahanoy City, PA - Not a 7/11 yet

I believe he went to Assumption BVM RC church there in Mahanoy City. It is or was closed in 2009. I do not see any evidence of a parish school, so maybe future Cardinal Kurtz went to public school there. Nothing wrong with that. Except maybe somebody like future Cardinal Salvadore Cordileone went to public school in California.

I see people like Cordileone and or a Kurtz getting into junior or senior year in public school and when it comes time for the Junior or Senior Prom time, they find God and the RC church and a vocation rather than a prom date. And all that perhaps based on their own personal confused sexuality which combined with the thousand year old institutionalized confused sexuality of the western church, the thing that makes for much stress in a modern age when confused sexual RC hierarch types go around harassing non-confused heterosexual and homosexual types as part of their CEO management package.

Also, I would guess from a timeline thing, that Kurtz knew two years ahead of his old neighbors in Mahanoy City that they were going to close Assumption and thus the careful rewrites of Kurtz’s personal history ahead of time.

As of 2011, there was a many years appeal to the Vatican about the legitimacy of closing Assumption as part of a five church or so combined parish. The appeal and or Vatican lawsuit may still be going on which is also why Kurtz may be so hush hush perhaps about his boyhood parish etc.

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