Saturday, November 12, 2011

Penn State National Pedophile Ring Cover Up Continues? – Joe “the Pope” Paterno Scapegoated to muddy the Issue?

Missing D.A. Ray Gricar

It would be great to fire Joe the Pope in Rome, Vatican City, and declare an end to the ongoing Pedophile Cover up by the USCCB and declare the problem over. But the bureaucracy, the Swiss Guards, the Vatican Bank and “jus forget bout it” indicted Bishop Finn in Kansas City and his special relationship to Father Ratigan will not just go away.  Reality is reality.  Science and all that and not magic.

So too, with Joe the Pope in Happy Valley, State College Pennsylvania, taking the Lion's share of the blame here with his firing - does the national pedophile ring operating out of Penn State, supposedly operating under everybody's rural pumpkin noses, under cover of Sandusky's Charity and supposedly sellings kids to rich donors, is it still operating or has the operation moved elsewhere??? 

This - leaving Joe Paterno to hold the bag and draw all the attention of sports writers - Lame Stream Media - writing about every thing other than the elephant in the room, the mafia big business child trafficking thing that probably lead to the mysterious death of the District Attorney that went missing in 2005 and who came up against OMERTA – SILENCE - from everybody including the college president all the way down to the campus police???

RIP?  Ray Gricar – sleeping with the fishes and Jimmy Hoffa? He knew too much!

Revealed: Prosecutor who failed to nail Penn State coach for 'sex abuse' vanished in 2005 and was declared 'legally dead' this year

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The district attorney who tried and failed to prosecute Jerry Sandusky in 1998 after reports of sexual abuse emerged, has been missing since 2005 and was declared legally dead in July. 

Ray Gricar disappeared on April 15 six years ago after telling his girlfriend he was going for a drive. 

His body was never found, only his abandoned car and his laptop which had been tossed in the Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania without its hard drive.

In 1998, Gricar had attempted to bring a case against Penn State former football defence coordinator Jerry Sandusky on child rape charges.

The case of Sandusky, accused of years of abuse of boys that allegedly was covered up by school officials, has shaken the university and its football programme.

Last night, legendary head coach of Penn State Joe Paterno was fired amid allegations of a cover up.

When it came to the Sandusky allegations 13 years ago, friends and former co-workers said Gricar would never have backed down if he had a strong case.

The lawyer's nephew Tony Gricar told The Patriot-News: 'People ask why Ray did not prosecute, and I have no problem saying, because he clearly felt he didn't have a case for a ''successful'' prosecution.

'One thing I can say is that Ray was beholden to no one, was not a politician.'

The DA had a 'bitter taste in his mouth' for the Penn State program and Coach Sandusky, added his nephew. 

Montour County District Attorney Robert Buehner Jr, a friend of the missing man, told the New York Times that if Gricar had committed suicide, he would have wanted his body found. 

No suspects have ever emerged after investigations into Gricar's death.


PatO said...

Paterno and Penn State hid ONE accused pedophile. The Catholic church hid 4,392 priests according to their own self-produced John Jay report of 2002. That's the number they admitted to, and some of the worst diocese refused to report.

The Catholic church is over 4000 times worse than Penn State, and Penn State never intentionally moved their known pedophile to new places. Penn State is the worst story in sports, but the Catholic church is the worst abuse of religion in history.

Anonymous said...

Sandusky's Charity where he met every victim is called "The Second Mile"

There is a Masonic/Order of the Eastern Star book called The Second Mile, Macoy Publishing

Many Judges, College Presidents and top admin are Masons.

Masons take a blood oath to protect each other.

Pedophilia and child abuse are rampant at the higher levels of Freemasonry.

Why did former DA Ray Gricar disappear?

Were Sandusky and top Penn State officials Freemasons?

Anonymous said...

Are the Knights of Columbus Masons?

gerald nichols said...

Anonymous said...
Are the Knights of Columbus Masons?

November 14, 2011 2:44 PM
Answer: The Knights and the Masons joined together some time ago; they are now called "Masonites."

Anonymous said...
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SubStupid said...

Freemasonry = satanism and organized crime. The pedophile priests in the Catholic Church are Freemasons who have infiltrated the Church. We need a New Inquisition to rid planet Earth and the Church of the evil of Freemasonry and other branches of satanism.