Thursday, November 29, 2012

Father Gary Lamoine – Tool - Nienstedt’s and Ratzinger’s Humanist Cleansing of the Minnesota RC Church Continues

Father Gary Lamoine - Foot Soldier of Vatican's Cleansing  Purge

All ethnic, sexual, humanist cleansing is local.  Father Gary Lamoine of Barnesville Minn.’s Assumption RC Church is now denying Communion to the parents of Lennon Cihak, who was denied Confirmation over his Facebook Opinion on Marriage Equality – the religious hate bigotry pogrom continues with Father Gary as tool and foot soldier in John and Joe’s Purge of all things human.

The current Minnesota RC purge of all dissidents in the historic German ethnic cleansing model extends to all with I/Qs over 80 and all with the love of fellow humanity or humanism it would seem.

The shitty little brick church in Barnesville Minnesota is a Frontline battlefield for sore loser Archbishop Nienstedt who lost in his hate bid on a Minnesota plebiscite against the rights of Gays. 

Nienstedt has closed many parishes for economic reasons but mysteriously has millions to fund GOP Hate programs/pogroms.

Time to lift tax exempt status on the St.Paul/Minneapolis Bund Archdiocese I think. 

And so it goes.  


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Anonymous said...

If you wanna be a bishop, bite some frog's heads off. The smaller, purer, holier church mantra is fecal matter. Is there nothing about a Good Shepherd seeking out and restoring...not cutting off and judging.
B16 is a dangerous pope and so are his minions right down to the parish level.