Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bishop Lori’s Pagan Fortnight for Freedom Festivities Commence – (bonfires, s'mores, burning crosses?)

Starting today, within the twenty-four hour threshold of the Summer Solstice, a millennial old Pagan Holiday, the Bishops of the U.S., USCCB, are sponsoring a Fortnight of Religious Freedom (Bund) activities.

One has to wonder why holidays and important events in the RCC seem to always be secretly linked to Ancient Pagan Festivals.

No doubt the education of potential novitiates standing around pagan bonfires of the latest Stealth Hate Festival against “that Negro in the White House” will have a moderate amount of success to reinforce the base racial fear instincts of many dumbed down A-mericans.

What the pure Catholics do in the dark after these night time rallies and activities is anybody’s guess.

Most pure Pagan post-holiday festival activities, connected to bonfires and alignments of the Moon and Sun, have to do with some real time fucking (with condoms aka contraception).  

Too bad the Catholic Bishops are “celibate”.  Yeah right.




Anonymous said...

When I first read of the "Bonfire for Freedom," I thought of Germany in the early 20th Century or the Klan. My parish has already ready experienced bigotry due to this effort. Our Mission at Chiapus Talent Show was told that the parish had scheduled a speaker and a F4F demonstration at the start of the show. The Chiapus committee refused politely, and was accused of being dis-loyal to Bishop Lori and un-patriotic. The show went on without the F4F demonstration, but there are evidnetly now another unneeded wedge in our congregation due to this idiocy.

Anonymous said...

Fortnight for Freedom started on the feast days of St. Thomas More and St. John Fisher, martyrs.

M.McShea said...

Anonymous 11:02 Thomas More was a Heretic burner and John Fisher was a traitor to his country. Hardly a good starting point for real spirituality.