Sunday, March 16, 2014

Ted Cruz / Sal Cordileone – Strange Political Bedfellows Redefining the Size of States’ Power over COTUS

I won't lie to you BFF Sal, it is this big.

State’s Rights – the failed but never repealed Articles of Confederation are superior to the COTUS (Constitution of the United States) per Representative Randy Weber’s H.R.3829 and Senator Ted Cruz’s S. 2024 legislature bills in the U.S. Congress.

Archbishop Sal Cordileone is Orgasmic in finding a BFF in Sen. Ted Cruz and States to define redefine delusions of marriage, slavery, tax breaks and discrimination rights for religions etc.

“Your bill would remedy this problem by requiring the federal government … to defer to the marriage law of the state in which people actually reside when determining whether they are married for purposes of federal law,” added the prelate, who endorsed similar House legislation in January.


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