Monday, March 31, 2014

Hobby Lobby – Secret Communist / Christian Cult ? – From Each According to Their Ability to Each According to their Food Stamps Qualifying Income

The trick with secret and strange religious cults like Hobby Lobby is to present themselves as just regular next door kind of guys.

As previously posted Hobby Lobby pays it full-time employees $14 an hour minimum wage. 

That sounds great but then you have to step back and realize that $14 an hour for a forty hour work week is enough for a family of four to qualify for Food Stamps. And just forget about the part time no benefit slobs with twenty-five hours at $9.50 an hour "Minimum" wage. 

Strange how the Corporate Global Spreadsheet throws government subsidies such as Food Stamps and Medicaid Qualification into the barest minimum to pay human beings while still claiming to have respect for them and making a huge profit off of their labor.

That Hobby Lobby is from what I can see just another lazy Republican Business needing welfare from the government to survive and at a profit to finance all its bizarre political cult stuff and the son Selling Home Schooling Supplies to the Ignorant.

That if you pay the same wage $14 an hour to half your work force (full timers) and there is no merit raises, then all the workers are merely Communist workers receiving the same equal pay for disproportionate amounts of work.

That is Communism and it is not far from Hobby Lobby and its racist policy to support China and its Genocidal Abortion policies for the Chinese which is okay and its Racial Purity policies in America of not aborting any white fetuses to increase the master race. Through in a little, very little, Christianity, and you have one really fucked up company founded by David Green and his hierarchy cult family still in charge in the front office.


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